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Title: Alliteration
Rating: Mature 16+
Genre:  Romance/Angst
Pairings Jack/Ianto Tosh, Gwen, and Owen
Spoilers: None
One Off
Alternate time line in an alternate version of the cannon universe.

Beta: milady_dragon That said I played around with the story after it came back so all and any mistakes are mine.

Torchwood- Copyright BBC. This Fan fiction has been created for enjoyment and is not for profit

This fiction is dedicated to all my readers
I wrote this story as a Christmas Thank you.
To those to have read my stories and taken the time and energy to write a review.
Those of you who wrote and gave me suggestions which made my stories better because they led me in directions I had not considered.
To the friendships I have forged on Facebook - ‘Cult of Ianto Jones’ we may agree to disagree but remain friends in the end and that’s what counts.
To all my friends on, Live Journal and Fan fiction dot net.
To the lurkers who have read my stories.  Yes you there in the back ground. I can see you.
This is for you all.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Winter Celebrations!

Note: In this story – Canary Wharf never happened. Tosh and Owen are alive and well.

Ianto Jones in the newest member of the Torchwood Three Team. After nine months Ianto still remains a very quiet and shy individual refusing any social interaction.  This all changes after a late night phone call to Jack.

Alliteration http://evalentine99.livejournal.com/52375.html#cutid1

Tags: fanfic:nc-17, fanfic:oneshot

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