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Far Travellers Club

Title: Far Travellers Club
Part: 37-40/?
Rating: 18 Adult
Characters: Jack, Ianto, some team & OC’s.
Genre: AU Angst and Slash
Summary: The Far Travellers Club is a place for some of the less hostile aliens who end up in Cardiff to go.  Jack and Torchwood had never bothered with it until it came under new management, that of Ianto Jones
Warning: Spoilers for the whole of Torchwood and some Doctor Who Spoilers.  Maybe dark in places, possibly some violence and mentions of torture (not really sure yet).  I think this one may also be lighter in places and there will definitely be sex.
Disclaimer: Not mine unfortunately just borrowing them.

AN:  This isn’t one of the stories voted for my readers but I was in the mood to write something different.  This story is unbeta’d so please forgive any mistakes and all comments are very welcome.

Last Chapter Posted: ( Part Thirty-Six )
New Chapters: ( Part Thirty-Seven ) ( Part Thirty-Eight( Part Thirty-Nine( Part Forty )

Tags: fanfic, fanfic:nc-17, fanfic:series

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