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Fic- Notes (1/30) WIP

Title: Notes
Author: jedimonkeyspock aka KC Johnson
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing, accept for a rather temperamental laptop named Tosh II.
Summary:Janto AU: All kids have secrets; some more than others. Sometimes the things you can't say are easier to express on paper. And sometimes music can convey so much more than words. Gwen bashing!!!!
Warnings: slash, char. bashing, child abuse,violence, language, sex
AN: This is a rewrite of my previous and abandoned fic, 'The Interloper'. As such some parts of the story will seem very familiar. This fic is being cross-posted at
ff(.)net (which will probably be updated sooner than my lj), on my journal and in the  antigwenallies community.

Links to following chapter at end of post etc.

First Day pt 1:

It was a little after midnight but Tosh was still awake.  She really shouldn’t be up, tomorrow was the first day of fall term after all, but she couldn’t sleep. Instead she was sitting in her comfortable desk chair, best birthday present ever, blasting music in her noise canceling headphones and fooling around with the programming of her desktop, all the while using her laptop to surf for game cheats and new threads. The strains of the soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII drifted into the quiet room as she pulled one side of the headphones down to her jaw.

Was that tapping?

Curious, Tosh pulled the second headphone off to let the set hang comfortably on her neck. She jumped when the tapping came again, this time much louder. Whirling around Tosh barely managed to suppress a surprised squeak when she spotted her best friend’s pale face in the window.

“What the hell? Ianto!”

Ianto Jones smiled sheepishly from where he was huddled by her bedroom window, looking cold and quite pathetic in an overlarge white t-shirt and grey sweatpants. He was only 14 but was starting year 11 same as Tosh. They’d been best friends since primary school and only lived two houses apart on the same street.

The tapping repeated and Tosh glanced over to see Ianto staring up at her in annoyance, pointedly shivering. Tosh rolled her eyes, drama queen.  Standing up quickly she muttered a curse when the headphone cord caught and jerked her head back down. Still grumbling quietly she crossed the room and flipping the lock, she pulled the window open slowly, hoping to avoid the loud squeak of the old wood frames. It mostly worked, and Ianto slid easily into the room, carefully weaving around the many errant cords strung across the space to perch familiarly on her bed. Shivering, Ianto drew his knees up to his chest in a vain attempt to conserve body heat.

Tosh draped her comforter around his thin shoulders and dragged her chair over so she could sit facing him.

 “What happened Ianto, its gone 11?”

The boy shrugged, averting his eyes to anything other than her knowing gaze.

“What, a bloke can’t go for a walk and pop in to see his best friend?”

He tried to joke but a quick glance at his friend’s face told him it wasn’t working. With a small sigh he conceded,

“My tad’s home. He locked me out again.”

Tosh moved to sit next to him on the bed and wrapped a consoling arm around his shoulders,

“I’m sorry Yan..”

She began but trailed off when he flinched away from her with a hiss of pain.

Tosh ripped the comforter from his grasp and before he could protest, bunched his t-shirt up under his armpits and angrily clenched her teeth. His back and shoulders were littered with fresh bruises, scattered over the top of old scars and faded yellow blotches of skin.


 She began but was cut off by Ianto when he angrily jerked his t-shirt back down.

“Just leave it Tosh.”

 Biting her lip, Tosh sighed and gave him a comforting hug. Ianto relaxed into the familiar embrace and let his eyes close.


The next morning when Ianto woke up alone in Tosh’s bed he was confused for a moment before he remembered. Last night, arguing with his dad about school, getting chucked out in his sleep clothes, ending up at Tosh’s house, god, how pathetic was that?

 Sitting up he rubbed his eyes wearily and checked the clock on her tidy desk, 6:34 AM. Rolling off the bed Ianto walked to the door and opened it. Tosh’s mom was in the hallway putting away some clean linen in the cupboard.

“Good morning Ianto.”

She said pleasantly.

 Ianto blushed and looked at his feet before responding.

“Good morning Mrs. Sato.”

The woman smiled fondly at the boy and leant down to reach into her laundry basket.  As she straightened back up the older woman held out a clean school uniform which Ianto accepted with a questioning look on his face.

Seeing his confusion Mrs. Sato explained,

“You left it here last week after pictures* when it rained and you both got soaked on your way home.”

Ianto nodded gratefully,

“Thanks Mrs. Sato, I really appreciate it.”

“No problem at all Ianto. Tosh is downstairs watching telly, you get dressed and have some cereal.”

Going to the bathroom Ianto stripped off and carefully twisted his body to see his back in the mirror. Grimacing he dressed, ignoring the dull ache in his shoulders, and washed his face. Less than twenty minutes later he and Tosh were standing at the door, ready to walk to school when Mrs. Sato came up and handed Ianto a warm coat.

“It’s Mr. Sato’s old coat, Ianto, you can borrow it today. And here are your lunches.”

She said, holding out two brown paper sacks. Ianto opened his mouth to protest, but Mrs. Sato held up a hand saying,

“No trouble dear. Off you go.”

Blinking, Ianto snapped his mouth closed and with a small smile and nod, followed Tosh out the door.

They walked in front of Ianto’s house and he resolutely looked straight ahead at the sidewalk. Tosh however, hesitated at his front step.

“Ianto, won’t you need your school bag or something?”

Ianto shrugged and continued walking,

“Why? It’s first day back, we never do anything anyway and I’m sure my best friend wouldn’t think twice about lending me a pencil or two.”

Tosh rolled her eyes and hurried to catch up nearly colliding with Lisa who was hurrying out her own front door. The two girls laughed and hugged warmly while Ianto resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

Girls, you’d think they hadn’t seen one another in months.

Lisa’ cheerful voice cut through his musings.

“Morning Ianto! Excited for start of term? Hey where’s your school bag?”

Tosh giggled into her hands as Ianto stormed off ahead. Lisa’s voice carried after him,

“What? What did I say?”

Tosh burst out laughing harder and Ianto sped up, rounding the corner and walking straight into a solid wall of blue fabric. Startled, Ianto stepped back and found himself looking up into the grey-blue eyes of Jack Harkness.


He started, mentally cursing his nervous stutter and the pink stain on his cheeks. Tosh and Lisa came up behind him, both still giggling and Ianto threw them a glare. 

Jack was grinning as he said teasingly,

 “Well, good morning to you to Ianto.”

Ianto smiled weakly at him and started walking again.

Laughing now, Jack threw an arm around the smaller boy’s shoulders and Ianto flinched in pain and tried to ignore the way his breath caught in his throat at the friendly gesture. Tosh playfully elbowed him in the ribs, a knowing smirk on her face and Ianto felt his face flame again as he shoved her off with a glare.

They walked for a few minutes chatting idly about the new term and everyone’s holidays until Jack realized his arm was still around Ianto’s shoulders. He hastily withdrew it and caught the younger boy’s resulting flinch.

“You ok?”

Ianto nodded, keeping his head down,

“’m fine.”

Jack glanced at Tosh over Ianto’s head and she grimaced, giving him a small head shake ‘no’. Jack nodded in return, he wouldn’t push.

As the foursome rounded the next corner in strained silence they met up with two other boys. One was tall and bulky, like a rugby player. He had light brown hair and a friendly face. The other boy was short and reed thin. He had black hair and his face was drawn up in a smirk.

“G’morning Rhys.”

Jack greeted the taller of the two.

“Morning all.”

 He said back.

“Morning Owen,” Jack said with a leery grin, “miss me last night?”

 Owen scowled,

“Fuck off Harkness,” he retorted good naturedly.

Jack laughed, and after everyone had greeted each other they continued their walk to school. Even with frequent stops in which Jack and Owen scuffled and Lisa and Tosh shared bits of gossip, they still managed to reach the school yard with a good ten minutes to spare before the first bell and milled about on the lawn.

Walking off to talk to a group of students by the gate, Jack flirted outrageously with both the boys and the girls. Ianto followed him with his eyes and tried to keep down the accompanying stab of sadness until he was distracted by Rhys asking if he was going to play footie at lunch. Ianto shrugged and said maybe, the conversation continued until an arm wrapped around his shoulders, causing him to wince and jerk his head to the right.

John Hart was smirking at him.

“Morning Eye Candy!”

He said cheerfully, steering Ianto away from the group. Ianto glared at him and shrugged his arm off.

“Fuck off Hart!”

 He said, turning to walk away.

 John grabbed his arm, “c’mon Ianto, don’t be rude. I just wanna talk to you.”

Ianto tried to pull back but John had a firm grip on his arm and the movements made the deep bruises on his shoulders scream in protest.

“What do you want?”

He spat at the curly haired, handsome boy.

John grinned,

“I want you tell Jackie boy I said ‘hello’, that’s all.”

The taller boy started when a hand landed on his shoulder and he spun around, not releasing Ianto and twisting his arm somewhat painfully.

“Why don’t you tell me yourself, John?”

Jack asked, eyes narrowed behind the fringe of his brown hair.

John smiled cheerily at his ex-boyfriend and dropped Ianto’s arm.

“Hello Jackie boy.”

He said jubilantly before sauntering off. Both Jack and Ianto watched his retreating back with similar expressions of disbelief on their faces. Turning back to Ianto, Jack frowned when he noticed the younger boy rubbing his arm absently.

 Stepping closer Jack placed his hand over Ianto’s on his arm,

“Are you alright? He didn’t hurt you?” 

Blushing for the third time that morning Ianto pulled his arm from Jack’s gentle grasp.

 “I’m fine.”

Jack stared into the younger boys dark blue eyes and reached a hand out to brush a strand of wavy hair off his pale forehead.

“You sure?”

He asked softly and Ianto nodded, holding his breath.

Suddenly Jack removed his hand and Ianto had to fight with himself to keep from following after the reassuring touch. Jack shifted uneasily from one foot to the other before clearing his throat and saying quickly,

 “See you inside yeah?”

Ianto nodded, “yeah.”

And with a smile Jack backed away two steps before turning and jogging toward the entrance to the school.  Staring after him, Ianto barely caught himself before he raised his own hand to trace where Jack’s had been.

Frowning he turned to find Tosh standing just over his shoulder. He jumped and rolled his eyes,

 “God Tosh, heart attack much?”

Tosh just stood there and smiled at Ianto until he grabbed her elbow, rolling his eyes once again, and dragged her toward school just as the warning bell rang.

TBC in First Day Part 2

Each chapter has a link to the next at the end so I will only be posting to the comm once, anyone who's interested can follow the links =]

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