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Title: What Will Be.
Author: zorell
Chapter: 39/?
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Martha, Gwen, the Doctor, Donna.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Summary: Martha speaks to Jack, while Ianto and Donna arrive at their destination.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to BBC and RTD.
A/N:  Really sorry for not updating sooner but RL has inconveniently got in the way of writing ! Hoping this is ok and the usual apologise for mistakes, bad grammar, dodgy plot etc.

Story starts here:

previous chapter:


Chapter 39.

 After Ianto and Donna left to run the ‘errands’, Jack had made sure the rest of the team and visitors were occupied before heading up to his office, where for the last ten minutes he had been lost in thought while supposedly looking through the file that was in front of him. The immortal was so distracted that the knock on the office door didn’t register, and it was only when Martha began to speak that he realised he had company.

“ He’ll be ok you know. Donna will keep an eye on him.” Martha reassured as she moved into Jack’s office. She rightly had a feeling that Jack’s thoughts were on his fiancé, and the fact that this was not only the first time Ianto had left the Hub since the fateful mission, but also that Jack wasn’t with him.

“ But who will keep an eye on Donna ?” Jack replied with a small smile as he looked up at his visitor.

“ Ah, good point. Ms. Noble does seem to have taken a shine to your Welshman.” Martha grinned mischievously, then noticing the look on Jacks’ face added, “ Not jealous are we Jack ?”

“ I don’t do jealously Martha.” Jack replied, obviously not as convincingly as he had hoped if the expression on Martha’s face was anything to go by.

“ Sure, you don’t.” The young woman responded disbelievingly, her smile still firmly in place.

“ Was there something you wanted ?” Jack asked hoping to change the subject, but instantly regretted it when Martha mentioned the teams’ police liaison.

“ Gwen. You really need to set her straight Jack.”

“ I got the impression Donna did that.” Jack tried to make light of it.

“ But it’s not down to her, it shouldn’t be Donna, it should be you dealing with Gwen. You know she will still think there’s something between you regardless of what went on just now. You need to tell her.”

“I have told her Martha. You’ve heard me.”

“ I know you have Jack, but you need to do it again. Make her understand that there is no you and her, because you can’t let it go on. I’ve only been here a few days, and Donna even less time, but we’ve both seen how things are, how Gwen is around you, and how she treats Ianto. Sooner or later, however sure you and Ianto are about each other, Gwen’s antics are going to start getting to him.”

“ He knows he has nothing to worry about where Gwen’s concerned.” Jack said a little exasperated, as he felt the beginnings of a headache taking hold.

“ Now maybe, but you admitted you were attracted to her in the past and all it needs is for Gwen to keep ‘chipping’ away...”

Jack sighed, he knew Martha was right, as Donna had also been today, and the others over the preceding months. He had hoped that Ianto and his engagement would have opened Gwen’s eyes to the reality of their relationship, but as of yet that hadn’t happened and Jack knew he needed to deal with the Gwen situation properly once and for all.

“...You and the Doctor are as bad as each other you know,” Martha continued “ Neither of you wanting to admit you are wrong, - him about you and Ianto, and you about hiring Gwen.”

 With the way Jack was feeling about the Time Lord at the moment the thought of being considered in the same vein as him didn’t sit well with the immortal. However he had to admit Martha had a point, he didn’t want to admit he was wrong but he had been. Wrong hiring Gwen in the first place, wrong to keep letting her get away with her mistakes, and wrong not to put an end to the woman’s fantasy of them being together before now.

“ I know you’re right, the situation needs to be dealt with and it will be.” Jack couldn’t miss the doubtful look on Martha’s face. “ She knows on a work leave she’s on her last chance, and as for the personal side, well let’s just say I’ve got an idea that will show her there is only one person I’m interested in, and will leave her in no doubt about who I’m with.”

 Before Martha could wheedle any more out of Jack her mobile rang with an incoming call from Tom. Giving Jack a look that told the Captain she would be back later for more information, the UNIT doctor left the office. Feeling the need to hear his own fiancés voice, and to reassure himself all was well, Jack clicked on the com and waited for those wonderful Welsh vowels to answer.


“ So is this it ?” Donna asked as they turned off the main road and drove a short way down the minor one towards the only visible buildings.

 After Donna had got Ianto to explain about Jack’s idea, and queried what sort of errands they were running considering the growing lack of shops as they continued driving further away from the centre of Cardiff, Ianto had told the redhead about what their errand entailed and about the C’tylni. The Doctor’s companion was impressed with the way Torchwood tried to help, and was looking forward to meeting some new aliens without the constant worry that they would have to start running at any moment, which when with the Doctor seemed to be inevitable !

“ Yes,” Ianto confirmed, as he turned the Audi off the road and down the short dirt track that lead to the small farm house at the end. “ The Morgan’s moved here nearly six years ago. They liked the idea of living in the country, saw this place and thought it was perfect for them.  Evan still owns a garage in Cardiff but stepped down from the day to day running of it a few years back to concentrate on making themselves as self-sufficient as possible here. His wife Dilys used to work for a dressmaker in the city, she is an excellent seamstress, and still does work from home for a few select customers. ” Ianto explained, using the names the C’tylni had taken when assimilating into Earth life.

 Pulling up in front of the low walled front garden of the house, Ianto smiled as the front door opened and he saw Dilys emerge carrying a tray of plants in her hands that she was obviously planning on adding to the already colourful garden.  On noticing and recognising the vehicle parked up in front of her home, the middle aged ‘woman’s’ face lit up with a broad smile of her own.

 Having exited the car Ianto and Donna headed towards the beaming C’tylni. The Doctor’s companion was alittle surprised that Dilys looked so ‘normal’, though she knew she shouldn’t be, after all the Captain wouldn’t have allowed them ‘free-reign’ if they couldn’t pass as human. Ianto had also explained about the race and there chameleon like/ perception changing ability which allowed them to take on the ‘look’ of a planets local species. Apparently the C’tylni weren’t true shape-shifters; they merely changed how people saw their ‘outer layer’ rather than totally changing their physical form. From what Ianto had said on their journey, Donna had thought that with her own experiences meeting aliens with the Doctor, she would have been able to notice something that showed the C’tylni’s alien origins. As it was she saw no sign of the natural ocean green ‘skin’ colouring Ianto had told her about, nor the fact that that ‘skin’ was actually an incredibly fine layer of tiny feathers, and there was certainly no sign of the third eye that had been mentioned. In fact there was nothing to make you think that the person they were approaching was anything other than a slightly greying, homely looking, fifty something year old woman.

“ Ianto !” Dilys’ cheery voice called as she quickly put down the plants, and moved towards where the Welshman and Donna were now entering through the garden gate. “ This is a lovely surprise, and you brought a friend,” Dilys smiled at Donna, then looked back to Ianto, “ but no Captain ?”

“ No. I’m afraid you’ve got to put up with just me and Donna today Dilys, Jack’s had to stay in Cardiff.”

“ Nothing’s wrong is it ?” Dilys asked alittle concerned. It wasn’t the first time Ianto had called on them without the Captain, but it hadn’t happened often and it was certainly the first time that anyone else had come as well.

“ No, everything’s fine,” Ianto reassured, noticing the concern coming from Dilys, “ just work and visitors keeping him in Cardiff. Talking of visitors let me introduce you both properly....”

 Once introductions were complete Dilys led Donna and Ianto into the farmhouse and through to the kitchen, gesturing for them to sit at the solid oak table while she busied herself sorting out refreshments.

“ Can I give you a hand ?” Ianto asked even though he knew what the reply would be.

“ Don’t be silly, you should know better than to ask, you’re a guest and not here to work.” Dilys gave Ianto the usual response, a playful scolding tone to her voice.

“ Well, technically I am here to work,” said Ianto.

“ Don’t be so smart, you know what I mean.” Dilys turned briefly to look at Ianto, smiling and shaking her head slightly at the young man, before returning her attention back to the task at hand.

 Donna couldn’t help smiling herself as she watched the exchange. Ianto seemed comfortable and relaxed in this woman’s company, it was nice to see after the tensions in the Hub.

“ Hope you don’t mind tea, or there’s juice if you’d prefer,” Dilys said as she put  a tray on the table in front of her visitors, “ I’m afraid there’s no coffee,” she continued apologetically , “ It turns out that we, Evan and I that is, are allergic to it, can’t even have it in the house for fear of a reaction,” Dilys explained to Donna, Ianto already knowing the dangers the beverage held for the C’tylni.

“ Tea’s fine thanks.” Donna reassured.

“ Help yourself to milk and sugar,” Dilys said as she poured the tea into cups and handed them to her visitors.

 “ No Evan ?” Ianto enquired casually as he took the offered cup from his hostess.

“ No, he’s out I’m afraid... We weren’t expecting visitors, - though that’s the point of a spot check isn’t it, catch us unawares,” Dilys said as an aside to Donna, before going on to explain Evan’s whereabouts, “ He’s over at the Pryce’s having a look at their tractor for them. They’ve been having problems with it for a while now, so Evan said he’d have a look, see if he could sort it for them without it costing an arm and a leg. You’ll want to see him as well of course.”

“ Yes, I’m afraid so.” Ianto confirmed.

“ I’ll let him know you’re here, and tell him to get himself back home.” Dilys smiled as she spoke, and then her face took on a vacant look for a few moments.

 Donna turned to Ianto a questioning look on her own face, the redhead had expected Dilys to either take out a mobile, or get up to use the landline she had noticed on the small table in the entrance hall, but she did neither.

“ A C’tylni and their mate have a telepathic connection.” Ianto explained.

 “ A lot easier than using a mobile, believe me !” Dilys joked, having contacted her husband and returned her attention to her guests. “ Evan won’t be long. Now, while Ianto fills me in with the latest news, and don’t think I haven’t noticed...” Dilys looked pointedly to Ianto’s hand where his ring was catching the light, “...do help yourselves to some cake, and don’t worry Ianto, I’ve kept some back for the Captain !” Dilys reassured the Welshman, knowing how much the absent man liked the traditional cake, then smiling their hostess sat back in her chair waiting for Ianto to explain his newly acquired jewellery.

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