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Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, OC.

Summary: They are trapped in a fairy tale.

Rated: PG 14

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, the characters, ideas, music, books, ballets, songs, films, anything, I just like to write about it. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money whit this fic.

NOTE: I love fairy tales, my favorite is "The Sleeping Beauty", so I mixed the Perrault, Grimm Brothers, Walt Disney and Tchaikovsky wonderful versions to create my own. I hope you like it. I love happy endings, too, as you know.


Ianto and Tosh went into the book store behind the alien, Jack and Owen were still in the alley behind the other one.

Ianto and Tosh were between the books. Ianto looked at them. "There are a lot of fairy tales. Maybe we should call the "Grimm."

Tosh turned to him "You watch it, too. I love that series!!!"

Ianto nodded "Yeah, Nick is so handsome..."

Tosh giggled "And Monroe... he's so cute!!!"

Ianto agreed "He's like a tender pupp..."

Ianto couldn't finished the phrase, the light of the alien's device caught up both of them.

Jack and Owen captured the other alien, it was a female. Then, they entered the book store. When the other alien saw that they had his partner, it surrendered. They were two teenagers who wanted to play jokes on Earth.

"Where are my friends???" asked Jack.

"I don't know, I shot them and they disappeared." The alien kid answered.

"What???" Owen almost punched the kid, he was very angry.

The girl explained that maybe they were in one of the books, the device was a portkey. They taught them how to use it, Jack and Owen had to find Ianto and Tosh in the book, then they had to go inside it with the portkey and brought them back.

Jack and Owen send the kids trough the rift and after that, they looked at the books.

"There are too many books, Jack. Where are they???" Owen was worried.

"Well, we have to look book after book." Jack sighed.

And both of them began the research.

Meanwhile, Ianto landed in a room where there was a beautiful girl dressed like a princess. The girl was scared when she saw him.

"Hey, don't be scared. I'm sorry!!! I'm a friend." Ianto smiled.

The girl tried to smile, as well, she found Ianto very handsome "Who are you???"

"My name is Ianto. And you???" Ianto was looking around the room, it was very old, there were a distaff in the middle.

"I'm Aurora." The girl blushed.

"Nice name. What do you do???" The name sounded familiar to Ianto.

The girl sat in the chair "I was about to try this thing, I don't know what is it."

Then Ianto realized, she was the Sleeping Beauty, but when he tried to stop her, it was too late, the girl pinched her finger and fell slept. He hold her, but the distaff fell too and the needle scratched Ianto's hand, he fell slept at that moment, as well.

Maleficent appeared "Ha ha ha, I took my revenge!!!" Then she looked at Ianto. "Who is this young man??? I hate when they come intruders into the stories." She raised an eyebrow "Well well well, this gorgeous kid must wait for a true love kiss to wake up him too. The poison of the needle is in his body, the spell was very efficient. Oh, I'm an amazing sorcerer!!!" And with a bow, she disappeared.

Tosh landed in the forest, a young man jumped when he saw her.

"Who are you???" The young man took his sword.

"I'm Tosh. I'm sorry. I'm lost!!!" Tosh tried to remain calm, but she was very nervous.

"I'm Prince Phillip!!! Are you in trouble??? " The young man kept his sword, he trusted her.

"I lost my friend, he's a young boy. Have you seen him???" Tosh was worried, she remembered Ianto.

"No. I'm on a mission, but maybe I can help you on my way." Phillip told her.

"What mission???" Tosh was curious.

"I have to rescue my fiancée, an evil witch put a spell on her. She's sleeping in her castle." He looked so sad.

"Oh, The sleeping Beauty!!! I'm inside the book!!!" Tosh thought. "Maybe, we can help each other!!!" She said to the Prince.

"So, let go!!!" The Prince smiled at her.

Seven fairies appeared at the room, they saw Aurora... and Ianto.

"Oh, we arrived too late!!!" Jun said, she was the sweetest of the fairies, the fairy of the emotions.

"No, remember that I gave her the last gift, the true love kiss to break the spell!!!" Avi told, she was the youngest but the bravest of them, her long red hair was a wonderful cascade over his shoulders.

"But... who's this gorgeous young boy??? He's not the Prince." Phaap added, she was the most mischievous of them.

"I think he doesn't belong to this story." Yolo added, she was the wisest fairy.

"Now he is. So, we need to find solutions to this problem." Zazz crossed her arms, she was mysterious, the fairy of the dreams.

"We have to lay them more comfortable and them we decided." Beauty raised her wand, she was the sexier, too beauty.

"I agree with her. Let do it!!!" Knitted raised her wand too, she was very elegant, an excellent designer.

Now Aurora was lying in her room, in her bed. Ianto was in a little couch in the corner of the room.

"Now, she has to wait for her Prince!!!" Yolo pointed.

"And... what about the boy???" Jun blushed.

"Maybe we can keep him??? I could kiss him." Phaap suggested.

"I'm a volunteer, too." Avi added.

"No, he has to wait for his true love. We even know him. I'm going to make Aurora and him more beautiful, they have to attract their true loves." Beauty looked at Ianto "Well, in his case, it's abuse of beauty, he's perfect." She made the spell.

Aurora shone in beauty, but Ianto was amazing, his white skin, his lashes were longer and his cherry lips were juicy, very kissable.

"He has strange clothes, I'm going to change them." Knitted made a movement with her wand, and Ianto was dressed in white with a wonderful red robe.

"I'm going to put all the Kingdom to zzzzzleep, there were no Dawn to them till Aurora and the boy don't wake up." Zazz made her spell too.

"Are you sure we can't keep him???" Phaap begged.

"Please, please, pretty please???" Avi winked.

"No, he has to wait for his true love, as well. Now, we must go, girls." Yolo was firm.

And the seven fairies looked at Ianto, sighed loudly and disappeared.

"I found her... this picture, it's Tosh." Owen was so excited.

Jack saw Ianto as well "Okay, let go to rescue them."

They used the portkey and they landed in the book.

"We're are we??? Do you see them???" Owen asked.

Jack was watching another thing "No, but I think we're in trouble!!!"

They were in front of a big dragon. But the dragon didn't attack them, he seemed that he was sick.

"What happened with him???" Jack approached him. The dragon licked his leg.

"He has a wound and a huge thorn in his leg." Owen came beside him. The dragon was so sad.

"Okay, buddy, I'm going to cure your leg." Owen helped the animal, who was very friendly and grateful with him.

"We have to go now. We have to find our friends. Bye." Owen said, the dragon nodded.

Owen and Jack went to find Tosh and Ianto.

Suddenly, the four of them found in the way.

"Tosh!!! Owen!!! Jack!!!" They embraced so happy. Tosh introduced them to the Prince, but they didn't know anything about Ianto.

They continued walking, when they saw branches and giant thorns. Malificent appeared over the hill.

"You aren't going to go to the castle. My dragon will stop you!!!" She was shouting. But when the dragon saw them and knew that she wanted to destroy them, he ate the evil witch.

"We can take him with us, he would be a great friend to Myfanwy." Owen said.

"No, Owen, I like him very much. But he belongs to this story." Jack was serious.

So, they thanked the dragon and continued their way.

Finally, they arrived to the castle, everybody was sleeping. They went to Aurora's room.

The Prince looked at Ianto first. Jack stopped him "Don't think about it, pal!!! Go and kiss your Princess!!!"

Phillip blushed and went to kiss Aurora. She woke up, but nobody else.

"What??? Everything is the same..." Tosh was worried.

Owen was looking at Ianto "Teaboy has a scratch in his hand, I think he's under the spell too!!!"

Jack looked at him his heart melted, he looked so young, beautiful. "I'm going to kiss him." Jack bent down and gave him a tender kiss on the lips.

"Some people are so lucky" Aurora muttered.

"What???" The Prince asked.

"Nothing." The Princess blushed.

Then Ianto woke up and all the Kingdom too.

Now, Phillip and Aurora could continue with their story and our friends returned to the hub and continued with their lives.

And everybody lived happily ever after...


"Reach the stars
Fly a fantasy
Dream a dream
And what you see will be
Rhymes that keep their secrets
Will unfold behind the clouds
And there upon a rainbow
Is the answer to our never ending story"











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