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As it should have been (It was good, yeah?) - Chapter 3

Fandom: Torchwood.
Title: As it should have been (It's been good, yeah?) - Chapter 3 - Proximity
Rating: PG-13.
Beta: None, yet. So sorry for any mistakes made during the translation.
Genre: Sci-Fi, drama, angst, adventure. Tragedy?
Warnings: In future chapters, too much angst and sex. Don't expect a very happy ending.
Paring; Jack/Ianto.
Summary: Post Miracle Day. A not exactly fix-it fic. Torchwood has been rebuilt, and Jack, Gwen plus a new member find themselves traped in the middle of a collision between alternative realities, a conspiracy and a Ianto who's alive but had never known anything about Torchwood.
Author's Notes: Sorry, for doing it so late. But see, last time I posted I had only seen the first chapter of Doctor Who, now I'm about to start series 3. So I'm forgiven, aren't I? :)  Well, on the good side, things are starting to get sexy. Not that it wasn't sexy before because anything having Jack and Ianto is already sexy, but now is getting slash-sexy :P Plus, the enigma is starting to get sorted. I won't distract you long on the initial Author's Note so go an read!! :)
Oh, and as you can see I have changed its title, it fits more. I kept the old one between breackets so you can know it's the same fanfic.
Previous chapter will be revised and posted again. But only me, so just basic mistakes that I didn't noticed. You won't see them again in your friend's page, be easy. :) The link to the songs on YouTube that I use in this chapter will be at the end.

Chapter 3 - Proximity

Fandom: Torchwood.
Título: Como debería haber sido (It was good, yeah?) - Capítulo 3 - Proximidad
Rating: PG-13.
Género: Sci-Fi, drama, angst, aventura. ¿Tragedia?
Advertencia: En futuros capítulos, mucho angst y sexo. No esperen un final muy feliz.
Pareja; Jack/Ianto.
Resumen: Post Miracle Day. Un no exactamente fic fix-it. Torchwood fue reconstruido, y Jack, Gwen y un nuevo miembro se encuentran atrapados en el medio de una colisión de realidades alternativas, una conspiración y un Ianto que está vivo pero que jamás supo nada de Torchwood.
Nota de Autora: Perdón por tardar tanto. Pero verán, la úlitma vez que postee solo había visto el primer episodio de Doctor Who, ahora estoy por comenzar la serie 3. Así que estoy perdonada, no? :) Bueno, por el lado positivo, las cosas se ponen a poner sexy. No que no fueran sexy antes, porque cualquier cosa teniendo a Jack e Ianto ya es sexy, pero ahora se ponen slash-sexy. :P Además, el enigma comienza a resolverse. No los voy a distraer más con esta Nota de Autora, así que vayan y lean!! :)
Oh, y como pueden ver le cambié el título, le va mejor. Conservé el viejo entre parentesis así saben que es el mismo fanfic.
Los links a las canciones en YouTube que usé en este capítulo van a ir al final.

Capítulo 3 - Proximidad

Tags: fanfic:pg-13, fanfic:series

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