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Opportunities/One door closes...and a window opens (23/24)

Title: Opportunities/One door closes...and a window opens (23/24)
Rating: PG
Genre: AU! No aliens but some familiar names may still be used
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Estelle, Tosh
Summary: The holiday season is coming up and Ianto Jones is stuck without a job, with very little money and not too many prospects. So when he is offered a job for two weeks, he readily accepts. But this new job may become complicated when he realises that the man who broke his heart years before is the grandson of his new employer.

A/N: Second last chapter - *is sad* Jack comes to Ianto’s graduation and is going to get Ianto to listen whether he wants to or not. Thanks to Blackcat1000 again.

 Also, a big shout out to all those who commented on the banners/artwork I did for A Time of Rest by miladydragon. If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?!

LJ  ( Chapter Twenty Three )

DW( Chapter Twenty Three )


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