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Fic: Chocolat - it's good for your serotonin levels (AU)

Title: ‘Chocolat – it’s good for your serotonin levels’
Author: angstosaur
Prompt: Chocolat
Written for: reel_torchwood
Character/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, implied Ianto/Lisa
Rating: PG-13, language and non-explicit sexual situations
Spoilers: Chocolat, General Torchwood Spoilers
Word Count: 23000

Disclaimers: Torchwood still belongs to the BBC and Russell T. Davies, Chocolat the novel is the intellectual property of Joanne Harris and Chocolat the movie was produced by Miramax and directed by Lasse Hallström.
Summary: After losing his memory following a car accident that killed his wife, Ianto sets up a chocolate shop in a remote village with his young daughter. However, he has recurring black outs and then a handsome stranger turns up one day and nothing is ever the same again.

Reel One
Reel Two
Reel Three
Reel Four
Reel FIve
Reel Six
Reel Seven
Reel Eight
Reel Nine
Reel Ten
Reel Eleven

(there are links at the end of each chapter)
Tags: fanfic, fanfic:hc, fanfic:pg-13

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