Katharina (black_k_kat) wrote in jackxianto,

Looking for a Beta

Hello! I'm not quite in dire straights, but I do rather badly need a beta - mostly a sounding board, really: someone to look over my work and help me steer it in the direction it would be best going. Furthermore, I'm not a native, and still have trouble with English on occasion (grammar, syntax, and word choice mainly).

The fic in question (well, the main one, anyway) is very feely, quite a bit angsty, and stretches from Canary Wharf in a (hopefully) epic series rewrite. Immortal!Ianto, if that bothers anyone.

The other is mostly done already, with four chapters out of five posted, and is a CoE fix-it by way of fairies. It needs a bit of polishing, and I'm angsting over the last chapter.

So...yeah. This is my drama of the moment. Any assistance would be adored - I've already gone begging to the TW Beta Archives and got a Brit-pick offer and no other bites. Help?
Tags: beta:wanted, help

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