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27 May 2012 @ 09:24 pm
Melamin Masterlist  
Title: Melamin (My Love)
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Suzie/Tosh, Doctor/Martha, Owen/Rhiannon, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Andy, arranged Ianto/Martha
Story Summary: Lost in a world he’s only read about, Ianto’s only hope lies with Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood team. Together Jack and Ianto must figure out the roles they play in reuniting man and Elf once again.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who
Beta: The amazing royalladyemma
Written for the long live Ianto big bang round 1
Artist: bookmrm89 see her amazing work here: http://bookwrm89.livejournal.com/105365.html

DW Masterlist: http://blackrose-17.dreamwidth.org/80652.html

LJ: http://backrose-17.livejournal.com/81426.html#cutid1
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