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FIC: We Are Gathered Here Today... (1/1)

Title: We Are Gathered Here Today…
Author: Sistine (sistine_may)

Series: Son of a Master Tailor, part 5
Summary: Jack and Ianto finally get married!

Characters: Jack/Ianto, the Master Tailor, Eleventh Doctor
Set: Six months after Season 3
Rating: R (because of implications of m/m sex)

Spoilers: general for seasons 1-3, DW eps ‘End of Time’, ‘The Wedding of River Song’
Category: AU, Fluff
Word count: 2,016 words
Prompt: ‘Something borrowed, blue, old and new’ for the love-bingo card here.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone in this fic except for the Master Tailor; everyone else belongs to the BBC.
Notes: I have no idea about what a Gallifreyan wedding ceremony would involve but I have pinched the little bits we do know from the wedding on Doctor Who and created a ceremony from them. I hope everyone enjoys this - if you do, please leave feedback!!!!

Part 1: Son of a Master Tailor
Part 2: Meeting the In-Law
Part 3: For the Good of the Earth
Part 4: Lonely Hearts

Ianto opened the door and looked out of the TARDIS...
Tags: fanfic:r; fanfic:series

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