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Title: Underneath
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, mentions of team
Spoilers – Cyberwoman S1, KKBB S2, mentions of character death and torture.  
Summary: Jack and Ianto deal with the aftermath of the some of the worst times of their lives. Words 4200

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters; they belong to RTD and the BBC even if they don’t know how to look after them properly. I also don’t own AL or the beautiful and emotional song which inspired this offering!  [if you don’t know the song I can heartily recommend several listens before reading, by which time you’ll be hooked and you’ll have to buy Trespassing...awesome album from an amazing talent...]

X-posted here there and everywhere - apologies to those getting this multiple times

A/N This is for [info]likeitisntso  hope you enjoy baby xxx

Tags: fanfic, fanfic:r

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