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Best Man (1/13 + Epilogue)

Title: Best Man (1/13 + Epilogue)

Beta: jolinarjackson

Summary: Completely AU (no aliens, no Torchwood except the characters). Ianto is getting married to Lisa. Jack is his best man who travels from the US for the wedding but old feelings re-surface and things don’t go as originally planned.

Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Ianto/Lisa, Tosh/Owen (unrequited, mainly friendship), Mickey, Andy, mentioned Gwen/Rhys, mentioned Rhiannon/Johnny, OCs

Word Count: 2,333/33,000+ (total)

Rating: R overall

Warnings: language and adult situations

Spoilers: None although there are some vague TW references.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, including the boys. If I did Ianto, Tosh, and Owen would be alive while Gwen would constantly clean Janet's cell.

A/N: Today is my birthday so as a gift to myself I'm posting my first multi-chapter fic ever. Yay!
Thank you to my wonderful beta
jolinarjackson. You have been brilliant and I really wouldn’t have a story to post without you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life and making this story the best it could be. You are really amazing to work with and I appreciate your amazing grammar skills, ideas, suggestions, and everything else you put into this story. On that note, I’ve been a bad girl and added a few things after my beta saw the story so all mistakes are mine.

I would also like to thank tardisjournal who talked me off the ledge when I was having a freak out moment over this fic. You keep me sane, thank you!

Best Man (1/13 + Epilogue)
Tags: fanfic:r, fanfic:r; fanfic:series, fanfic:series

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