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Fic: Jones Ianto Jones

Title: Jones Ianto Jones
Rating: R
Genre: Action, adventure, romantic friendship
Summary: Light years away from Earth and centuries after the Thames house and that event where no one could die, Jack sees a familiar face. A face he never though he'd see again. A face that doesn't want anything much to do with Jack except where it concerns their job--which involves two planets, a human government that doesn't want to get involved, a mineral, and an alien government that decides it wants to a playground bully again. It's kind of complicated.

Word Count: 13625
Disclaimer: I own nothing; I make no money from this. Torchwood belongs to RTD, BBC, and all their known associates. Doctor Who belongs to RTD, Moffat, BBC, and their known associates.
A/N: Though obviously this is an immortal Ianto story, this isn't about why or how he's immortal. It's just a love story that features aliens and the Doctor. It's about two people who, though immortal, do what the rest of do at the end of the day: give it good try. Also, the opening scene is inspired by this gif. And though it does feature the Doctor, he's here more to get Jack and Ianto in a locked room to talk, so not a crossover really.

Read it in full on AO3 or DW.

Read it in two parts on IJ: Part I and Part II
Tags: fanfic, fanfic:r

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