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A Matter of Choice, for Queer Big Bang and for the H/C Bingo prompt: Trust Issues

Title: A Matter of Choice
Rating: T
Characters/pairings: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Owen, Tosh, Lisa, past Ianto/Lisa
Warnings (including spoilers): Scenes of a sexual nature deserving a rating of T, some swears, discussion of transgender issues (warning for the easily squicked). Mild spoilers for Doctor Who’s Utopia sequence, aka the Year That Never Was (who comes up with these names?), and Torchwood series 2 up to Martha’s episodes.
Wordcount: 37,205 words in five parts, plus prologue.
AN: Unbeta’d, un-Brit-picked, but informed with quite a bit of reading and some consultation. Written for the genius creation that is queer_bigbang, and also filling my hc_bingo square for ‘Trust Issues,’ which should tell you something about the story.

Summary: Jack is back, but his team has lost faith in him. Jack has to decide how dedicated he is to Torchwood in order to earn back their trust. Meanwhile, he’s trying to cultivate a new relationship with an attractive barista who’s hiding a secret of his own. Will Jack and Ianto be able to balance the hidden parts of their lives, or will the secrets they’re keeping tear them both apart?

Artist: A fanmix that made me laugh with tears was created for this fic by subluxate, and it's called 'living at large, to suffer hardships'. This mix sums up all of the deepest emotions in my story and makes them grab you in the way that I tried to do, except, like, way better. I seriously could not think of any songs that would better respresent my fic than the glorious and subtle ensemble she chose. *bows down in wonder*

Tags: episode:series2, fanfic, fanfic:hc, fanfic:pg-13, fanfic:series

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