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Crossing the Rift: Affairs of Cardiff and the Kawoosh – Chapter 13

Title: Crossing the Rift: Affairs of Cardiff and the Kawoosh – Chapter 13
Author: sinisterx18  
Rating: PG-13
Crack!Pairings: Capt. Jack H./Daniel Jackson, Col. Jack O./Ianto Jones, Teal'c/OC, Owen Harper/Anise
Final Pairings: Capt. Jack H./Ianto Jones, Col. Jack O./Samantha Carter
Warnings: Spoilers for TW season 1 and SG-1 through season 4. Also massive amounts of crack.
Summary: Simultaneous accidents bring Torchwood and SG-1 together, but their attempts to fix the problem brings them together in ways they never expected.

AN: So, some of you may have noticed that this hasn't updated in an unholy long time. That's because we stopped writing it. BUT(!) I just found a chapter we'd written and I'd never published, so here it is! That's not to say the story is finished, though. Nor shall it ever be. But I'm going to publish our plot notes so you can imagine the end. I kinda wish we'd actually finished it, but it was not to be. :( Thanks for reading this wild and wacky half-finished defilement of two wonderful TV shows.
If you missed Chapter 1, you can read it here.

General Hammond decided that no general in history had ever had a worse posting than he did.
Tags: fanfic, fanfic:pg-13, humour

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