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Poem time!

Over on the Torchwood page on Facebook, Dori posted this sweet Christmas poem. I'm reposting it here with her permission! :D

"T'was the night before Christmas- and all through the Hub - Not a creature was stirring - They were down at the pub - The Weevils were all nestled in the vault down below - While I prayed that this night any more would not show - Ianto lay quiet all snug in my bed - While visions of innovations danced in his head - So me in my RAF coat and Ianto in a tie - We were settled on nookie that money can't buy - When out on the Rift monitors there rose such a clatter - We sprung out of bed to see what was the matter - The monitors were active with every chime and every flash - and Ianto stood warily, closed his robe with a sash - The monitors warned but showed nothing but snow - Gave Ianto laugh at all the things he did know - so with his adjustments to my eyes did appear - But a type 40 TARDIS looking ever so near - I grinned ear-to-ear I was quite off my rocker - Because I knew with great certainty this was my Doctor! - The roar of engines grew louder; having been forever etched in my brain - Only drew a sadness across Ianto; he was onto my game - You'll go with him again; he told me, as surely I would - But I assured my dear Ianto It would not be for good - Ianto stood there in silence with firm upper lip - Until I told him; Or better there was room in his ship - So up we ran to the top of the lift - To where the TARDIS was refueling on top of the Rift -It was there we met the Doctor, wearing a new suit and new face - but then the Doctor could look like anyone and still light-up the place -- And so just before we left for places off planet ...I left a single text for Owen : BRB feed Janet"

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