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Holiday Comment!fics

Hello everyone!

I'm offering Christmas holiday comment!fics over on my journal to anyone who wants it. RL's been a bit hectic this year, hence the lateness of this usual offering - but I'm keeping prompts open till midnight New Year's Eve (UTC +8), so come on over and let me know what you'd like! Details are all in my journal post, so do read through before prompting.

Also, feel free to spread word to any of your friends you think might be interested. I don't have to know you for you to request a ficlet (and there are a whole bunch of other fandoms I'm open to writing, if your friends aren't interested in this one).

This way to the prompt-post~

[Mods, I'm really sorry if this sort of thing isn't allowed here. Also, I have no idea how to tag this. I did try and re-check all the rules, but since I'm posting to a bunch of communities, something may have slipped by. Let me know if this needs to be taken down/edited!]
Tags: fanfic

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