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The Domestication of Jack Harkness

Title: The Domestication of Jack Harkness
Author: iantojjackh
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Characters: Jack and Ianto
Rating: PG
Summary: Jack plays nurse while Ianto is under the weather. Nurse uniform not included. 
Warnings: None
Setting/Time: Some glorious AU world where Ianto, Owen and Tosh are still alive.
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. I'm just playing in their sandbox for a while
A/N: Written for the prompt: H/C Jack/Ianto. Ianto is injured/ill/whatever. Jack comforts for torchwood_fest winter  exchange. 

The Domestication of Jack Harkness
Tags: fanfic, fanfic:oneshot, fanfic:pg, humour

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