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*puts down soap box and steps on top of it* *cough*

I don't know if this is the right way to do it, but I couldn't find a "contact the mod" button or tag.

Anyway, since I've tried to get in touch with lawford and got no reply, I'll try it here.
Could one mod please get in touch with him/her and tell him/her not to tease us with stories we are not able to read, because he/she locked his/her journal, or ask him/her to post the stories at AO3 or Teaspoon.
Maybe he/she is responding to one of you. We all, who tried had no luck with getting through to him/her.

I really love him/her stories but at the moment I just want to scream when I read him/her name on the community list.

HELP please!

Feel free to delete this post, if I did  something wrong. ^_^

thank you for listening. *steps off the box"
Tags: request, suggestions

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