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New Fic - Love Is (+ miscellaneous Valentine's Day stuff)

In honor of Valentine's Day:

Candy Hearts - you've seen them before - nothing new I'm afraid, feel free to steal (with credit): http://aviv-b.livejournal.com/134054.html (A few are post season 2)

Old Valentine's Day Story: http://aviv-b.livejournal.com/88213.html
Drabble not yet posted around - Not the Usual Valentine's Day: http://aviv-b.livejournal.com/180376.html

And a Shiny New story written for Comment_Fic

Title: Love Is
Author:  Aviv_b
Characters:  Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG for some sexually suggestive poetry
Prompt: Valentine, writing bad poetry and trying to keep it secret.
Words: 722
Summary: Jack tries to make Valentine's Day special

Story here: http://aviv-b.livejournal.com/180531.html
Tags: fanfic:pg, icons

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