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Ianto Jones Child of the Rift Chapter 2.

AN: okay so here is the second chapter. I am feeling really welcomed in to this online world of Fan Fiction. Thanks!!

Disclaimers: Torchwood and Ianto Jones belong to BCC and RTD

Spoilers: Fragments and Doctor who Doomsday

Warning: Curse word.

In the middle of the room was a mini round dining table complete with four child sized chairs. Sitting in the chair facing the door was a little brunette girl with olive skin and hazel eyes she looked no older than five. Ianto wasn't fooled by her outward appearance however he knew that the girl was well over 100 years of age and that she had the temper of a lioness.

She had her arms folded across her chest and she glared at Ianto as if she was trying to blow up his brain. He casually wondered if she could indeed do that. He held up the candy bar and smiled hoping to lessen the blow which he sensed was about to come.

She uncrossed her arms and rose from her chair. “Mr. Jones,” she began her voice sounding as fierce as a five year olds could “while I make look and sound like a child, I can assure you I am not and you cannot bribe me with candy!” She then walked around the table and snatched the candy out of his hands none the less and quickly returned to her seat.

She began to open the candy bar. “Sit!” she snapped at him her eyes flicking to the small chair on the opposite side of the table from her. Ianto raised his right eyebrow at her. “Now!” she spat. He quickly sat and tried not to think about how silly he must look sitting in a chair four times too small for him.

She smiled and popped a square of chocolate into her mouth. “I have changed my name to Lily,” she said. Ianto resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Since he had met the ancient girl she had changed her name at least twenty times. The last few had all been flower names, Rose, Tulip, and even Daffodil. Ianto supposed that living over one hundred years stuck in a child’s body must mess with ones mind so he let the identity crisis the girl seem to have go.

“That’s a lovely name.” Ianto stated.

“Thanks!” she chirped her smile widening, but as quickly as it appear it vanished and her glare from earlier returned.

“We thought you had all perished,” she said softly.

Ianto looked at her with his eyes full of shame. “I know, I am sorry,” he whispered.

She rolled her eyes and huffed. “Is that it, you’re sorry? It has been four month since the Canary Wharf disaster and you couldn't be bothered to pick up a phone and assure us that you made it out alive? We grieved for eight of you when we should have only cried for seven.” Tears were running freely down her cheeks now. Ianto admired the way she cared so deeply for all of them as if she was their mother. Because of this Ianto was tempted to tell her that Lisa was still here as well but he couldn't trust anyone with that information. He had to protect her.

Ianto sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He could feel tears in his eyes about to break through. “I cried too.” he stated,” they were my friends, one was my lover. Now I have to live everyday with the guilt that I made it out and they didn't.” The tears started to fall. He brushed them away and continued. “I just needed some space, I really am sorry.”

Lily wiped her eyes with her hands and took a deep breath. “Okay, you are forgiven,” she said sweeping her hand in front of her face as if pushing the issue away.

“So, on to the next order on business, explain to me why you seem to be stocking Harkness?”

Ianto’s mouth went dry. “I am trying to get in to Torchwood 3,” he said his voice only cracking a little he hoped.

Lily let out a squealing laugh. “Are you serious? We haven’t had anyone in there since Harkness took over. He is too picky. How do you think you are going to get in? Gunna smile at him real nice?”

It was a little unsettling that she was teasing him. He turned his gaze down to the table top. “That was part of my plan,” he said trying not to sound like he was pouting. “It would be good if I got in though. I bet I could find the Parker files. I am really good and finding things.” She just nodded at him.
They had been trying to destroy the Parker files from Torchwoods database since the 1990’s. Ianto knew mentioning them was his ticket to get approved to continue trying to infiltrate Torchwood 3. If it wasn't for Lisa there was no why Ianto would be attempting this feat and that was because of what had happened to Joy Parker within the walls of Torchwood 3.

Joy Parker was born in 1904 Cardiff. She lived a somewhat normal life until shortly after her 30th birthday when she died from heart disease and woke up in 1974 Cardiff on the beach naked. Joy didn't know she was a rift child, she didn't know what had happened and so the woman had panicked, and before long local authorities were called in. Eventually Torchwood had taken over for reasons unknown to Ianto. Apparently Torchwood figured out that whenever Joy would get hurt she would heal quickly. They also became aware that she was stronger than she should be. These are normal traits for a Rift Child after their first death. Torchwood had then proceeded to preform months of ‘tests’ on poor Joy until they had taken it a step to far and killed her for the second time.

This time when Joy woke up it was in 1992. The Children of the Rift were better organized by this time and Joy was easily found by one of them before authorities or Torchwood became involved. She was then sent to America for some much needed rest and relaxation time but not until she had told the whole story about what had happened to her while within the walls of Torchwood.

Because of this Ianto was scared of Torchwood 3. He realized now he should have also been scared of Torchwood 1.

Finally Lily grinned ear to ear at him. “Are you sure you want to do this? I could probably have you transferred to Massachusetts they are running low on agents there and you could be a great asset to them.”

Ianto shook his head “my place is here, I am not scared of Torchwood 3,” He lied.

Lily scowled at him, “well you should be, especially with Harkness in charge! He is not a man to be fucked with!”

The vulgar word coming out of Lily’s mouth made Ianto want to threaten her with soap but he held his tongue, and stared at her in a way he hoped conveyed that he would not be backing down.

“Fine,” she said shortly “I am giving you 30 days. If you aren’t in by then you will be making the journey across the pond. Is that clear?” Ianto nodded.

Lily then got up and walked over to a pink and white dresser. Pulling open the top drawer she reached in, pulled out a lethal looking hand gun and placed it on the top of the dresser. Ianto tried not to cringe at the vision of a child holding such a weapon. Lily then rifled around in the draw pushing items around as if searching for something small. Ianto was thankful she had taken the gun out. Finally she withdrew her hand holding a set of keys. “Here ya go,” she said handing them to Ianto.

The first key on the ring was obviously a car key. Ianto raised his eyebrows questioningly. “Jason said you didn't seem to have a car. So we got you one. He also said that you were living in a hostel. So we have rented you a flat in Grangetown,” she indicated the second key on the ring. “There is a gps in your car and the flat as already been programmed in. Number 705. Also programmed into the gps is the ware house that third key belongs to.”

“What’s in the ware house?” Ianto questioned.

“You’re way in,” Lily said being as cryptic as ever.

“And that would be?” Ianto pushed.

Lily paused for a moment then answered. “A Pterodactyl.”

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