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Ianto Jones Child of the Rift Chapter 9

AN: Okay for those of you who didn’t read chapter 8.5 (posted on lj page only) I have included a slight summary. A lot of things happen in this chapter and it kind of ends of a cliff hanger. Sorry.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood

Spoilers: none

Warnings: Curse words, murder kind of

Summary of Ch. 8.5

Ianto and Jack have a lot of Janto fun. Only thing of any real value that happens was Jack found a photo of Ianto and Jason and now thinks Jason is just a friend of Ianto’s not to important.

Chapter 9

Jack got off the bed as Ianto felt his heartbeat return to normal. It began to go back up when he watched Jack walk out of the room leaving Ianto tied to the bed.

“Jack,” he called after the man. Jack just chuckled and continued out of the room.

Ianto kept his breathing steady. It’s not like Jack was going anywhere he left all his clothes on the bedroom floor.

“Comfy,” Jack asked when he walked back into the room 3 minutes later. He was holding a wet dish cloth. He bent down by the bed and began to gently clean Ianto’s chest and stomach off.

“Is the game over, sir,” Ianto asked not taking any chances.

Jack smiled, “Yep.”

“Then no I am not comfy, untie me,” Ianto said half laughing.

Jack put the dish cloth on the bedside table and untied Ianto.

Ianto sighed as he slid off the bed and pulled the duvet and flat sheet back.

“That was fun,” he said as he slid under the covers holding them up slightly so Jack could join him.

Jack crawled into the bed and pulled the Welshman close. “Ya it was,” he whispered and then he softly kiss Ianto’s forehead. Ianto laid his head on Jack’s chest, he felt totally content.

“This day ended a lot better than it began,” Ianto mused.

“Ya,” Jack sighed as he shifted a bit under Ianto and then began to softly play with Ianto’s hair. “I should have made you guys my responsibility, instead of letting unit take control,” he whispered.

Ianto stayed silent for a moment. He could feel his contented feeling slipping away as he remembered Canary Wharf. He realized this would be the perfect time to see if he could trust Jack with the knowledge of Lisa.

“There were about 20 machines that shut down mid-conversion, 20 half converted people. I could hear them screaming in pain as I ran through the building after the battle was over. I came upon one. Grint Ruthers, he worked in the archives with me. A unit solider had reached him before me. I got there just in time to see the man execute Grint with a shot to the head. Would you have killed them like that Jack?” Ianto said.

Jack remained silent. Ianto looked up to see if the man had maybe drifted off, but he hadn't. His blue eyes stared intensely into Ianto’s. Finally he answered, “Yes.”

That proved to Ianto that he was doing the right thing hiding Lisa.

There was an awkward silence for a minute then Ianto broke it with a change of subject, “ I've never had guns pointed at me before today, now I get to add it to my ‘cool secret agent stuff that has happened to me’ list.”

Jack grinned and slightly raised his eyebrows, “Hate to break it to you Ianto, but we were pointing our guns at the evil coffee machine. It was obviously a menace.”

Ianto laughed then laid his head back onto Jack’s chest. After a few minutes he was asleep. It was the best night’s sleep he had gotten in a long time.


It was two nights later and Ianto was running through the alleyways of Cardiff. He and Jason were trying to relocate the fourth member of the Reveal Rebellion on Ianto’s hit list. He could hear Jason’s trainers running beside him on the wet pavement.

“I am going to circle around that building and try and cut him off,” Jason yelled. Ianto just nodded towards the man’s voice and continued to run after Humberto Polo.

Mr. Polo was in his first life and he was 45. Ianto figured the guy would be willing to go, how old did he want to be for eternity anyway, but when he had followed Humberto in to a bar just to observe him the man must have sensed him because he had pushed Ianto into a table and ran making Ianto realize that the man wasn’t going to go without a fight, which is why he had called in Jason to help him.

Humberto took a right and Ianto continued after him realizing there was no way Jason would be able to cut the man off now. He almost laughed in relief when he saw that the man had run into a dead end alley. He slowed to a walk and took the syringe full of weevil sedative out of his suit pocket.

“It’s not going to hurt,” he said gently to the obviously frightened man.

Humberto shook his head in defiance. “I will not be relocated tonight, especially not by a child like you,” his voice was thick with Spanish accent. He was from a rift in Peru. Another ambassador, Ianto thought, maybe Cardiff should close its borders.

Ianto realized that the man was trying to intimidate him. Ianto wasn't amused. He took a step forward. Humberto took a step back, proving to Ianto that the man was defiantly frightened of the ‘child’ that was Ianto Jones.

“We all know about you Ianto Jones,” the man continued, “fuck toy to the second in command. He trained you well, from what I hear you are now undercover as a fuck toy to the head of Torchwood. So what are you going to do Jones, it seems to me the only thing you are good at is submitting to the real men.”

Ianto dropped the weevil sedative and lunged at the man. The men rolled on the ground Humberto managing to punch Ianto once in the face. Finally Ianto pinned the man face down into the concrete. He leaned down to his ear and whispered “if you remember one thing in your next life, remember that Ianto Jones is no one’s sex toy.” He then snapped the man’s neck immediately ending Mr. Polo’s first life.

He looked up to see Jason standing at the entrance of the alleyway. He looked like a proud father who had just watched his son score the winning goal of the game. “You are a bad ass Ianto Jones,” he said his face practically glowing with pride. Ianto didn't comment.


Ianto waited until they had finished depositing Humberto’s body into the basement freezer of Lavender’s house before he found the nearest bathroom and puked into the toilet. He could still hear the sound of the man’s neck breaking. He vomited again.

The door to the bathroom opened and he felt Jason’s hand on his back slowly rubbing it in circles. Ianto flushed the toilet and stood up facing Jason.

“He was right,” Ianto said, “I was your sex toy, always willing from the moment you prevented me from boarding that bus to London.”

Jason looked taken aback by Ianto’s words. “You were never a toy,” he said sounding a bit hurt.

“Its okay, Jason,” Ianto said softly as he tried to move past the older man to get to the door. Jason prevented him from doing so by shutting the door and leaning against it.

“Please let me go home, I don’t want to fight with you. I just want to get in my bed and attempt to forget that I snapped a man’s neck. Attempt to forget how fucked up this life is. Attempt to forget why it hurts so much to look at you,” Ianto said the volume of his voice increasing with each word.

“Why does it hurt to look at me, Ianto,” Jason said his voice small and calm. Ianto both hated and admired the way Jason could remain so calm even when someone was yelling at him. Ianto realized that if he was able to do that he could have just waited on Jason and injected Humberto with the weevil sedative as originally planned, but instead he had lost his cool due to nasty insults and now had to live with the memory of snapping someone’s neck.

“It’s all your fault,” Ianto said his voice at a low volume now and slightly cracking.

“What,” Jason asked.

“Everything, if you had just let me get on that bus…” Ianto began but his words were cut off by Jason holding up his hand in a stop motion.

“I am not letting you do this, use me as some scapegoat so you can have someone to blame. I didn’t sign you up for this life nor did I sign myself up. It’s tough, I’ll admit that, but we have to deal and survive through it, because we have no choice. I trained you so you would be prepared, but there really is no way to prepare. You will lose everything and everyone you know. The only thing you won’t ever lose is your own life. It sucks, but I didn’t do it to you, there is no one to blame.” Jason said keeping his voice level the whole time.

Ianto had placed his head in his hands and sank to the floor as he listened to Jason’s monologue. When Jason finished he looked up at the man and nodded in understanding. Though it was hard to admit, Jason was right.

When Ianto finally made it home he actually felt a bit at peace. It seemed that he and Jason had a new understanding and he found that he didn’t hate the man quite as much as before.


Ianto sat at the table in the board room the next morning pretending to listen to Tosh babble on about some sort of tech she had retrieved the day before. Usually Ianto would have found this interesting but his mind was elsewhere today.

He kept remembering parts of last night. Jason and him had talked late into the night. Mostly about unimportant stuff but a few important topics would crop up every so often. Ianto had been pleasantly surprised when Jason had actually apologized, not for training him the way he did but for not properly explaining the reasons behind the tough training. Ianto had partly forgiven him.

Ianto had discussed his connection to Jack. Jason didn’t know what caused it but he did know that Jack was a lot older than he looked, but as far as he knew none of the other rift children who had come in contact with Jack had this type of reaction, but he was pretty sure none of them had been that close to the Captain.

The last thing they had talked about was the last member of the Reveal Rebellion on Ianto’s list. Lucy McCampbell, she was in her third life, she had also been the Guardian of Sarah Higgins. She had been responsible for ensuring that Sarah was prepared for the life she would have to lead, just as Jason was for Ianto. Ianto was sure she hadn’t done this job very well and Jason had agreed. After little discussion, Jason determined that he would make Lucy his personal responsibility, which was fine with Ianto because that meant he would be finished with his list. That thought made him want to sigh in relief, one less thing to worry about.

Ianto refocused on the meeting when Tosh sat down beside him. He smiled sweetly at her as if he had enjoyed her little tech rant. He looked down at the file that Tosh had given him. He made a note to go over it later just so he would be able to talk with her about it. He enjoyed talking to her.
He looked up at the other side of the table when Susie stood up.

“What do you have for us Susie,” Jack asked. Ianto could hear the irritation in his voice. All Susie ever talked about anymore was that glove and it was getting on everyone’s nerves.

“Well I was thinking we could try and revive some of the frozen operatives we have in the morgue with the glove,” she said. No one even tried to hide their groans of annoyance.

“No,” Jack said firmly.

“Why not,” said Susie sounding like a toddler.

“Because those people all died in the line of duty and we are not going to disrespect their memories by using them as lab rats,” Jack said remaining calm.

“It’s not like we knew any of them,” Susie retorted.

Jack rose half way from his chair and pointed at Susie, “I said no and that is final, I don’t want to hear about that glove again unless there is another murder in Cardiff then we can use it, but that will be the only reason. Do you understand?”

Susie nodded and sat down crossing her arms over her chest looking like a defiant teenager. The murder victim they had previously revived had been solved easily. It had been the man’s ex-girlfriend. So not a serial killer much to Susie’s disappointment it seemed.

Ianto chanced a slight look at Jack as Owen got up to go over an autopsy report. He had on his ‘I’m a tough Captain’ mask. Ianto realized that there was a good chance that Jack did know every single person in the morgue. Ianto inwardly cringed. He knew one day he would also know that many dead people.


It was six weeks to the day since Ianto had relocated Sarah Higgins, and it was fast approaching the exact time her heart quit beating. Ianto, out of some morbid curiosity, was standing in Lavender’s freezer/basement staring at the sheet that covered Sarah’s body waiting to see it disappear. He believed whole heartedly that it would, he just wanted to see.

So he stood there in the cold room with his jacket pulled tightly around him trying not to blink lest he miss it. The door to the freezer opened but he didn’t look away from the body of Sarah. He then felt Jason’s arms wrap around him, he was too cold to try and pull away.

Jason rested his chin on Ianto’s shoulder. “Aren’t you cold,” he asked softly. Ianto nodded. Jason tightened his grip trying to warm Ianto.

They stood in silence both watching Sarah’s body. It was several minutes later when the body suddenly began to shake and a slight glow could be seen through the sheet. Ianto gasped and leaned back further into Jason. Jason chuckled. After about 30 seconds the shaking stopped and with a slight pop, all that remained was the sheet.

“How many times has that happened to you,” Ianto asked Jason his voice barely a whisper. Ianto didn’t know why he asked. Jason had never answered questions about his former lives.

Jason sighed, his breath landing on Ianto’s neck causing the young man to shiver. “Just once,” he answered.

Ianto turned his head to look at Jason’s face. “Will you tell me about it,” Ianto said not wanting to waste an opportunity to get answers to questions he has had since he was 16.

“Depends,” Jason said grinning slightly.

“On what,” Ianto said raising an eyebrow.

“Can we go somewhere warmer? I don’t want you to get hypothermia again. I didn’t think you were ever going to stop moaning,” Jason answered.

“I wouldn’t have gotten hypothermia if you hadn’t thrown me into the bay,” Ianto retorted pulling away from Jason and heading to the door.

“Always gotta bring up old shit,” Jason huffed following Ianto out the door.

Jason caught up to Ianto in the kitchen. The Welshman was leaning against the counter staring out the window.

“Let’s go to my house and I will answer any questions you have,” Jason said.

“Don’t think I want to know anymore,” Ianto pouted continuing to stare out the window.

Jason walked over and stood directly in front of Ianto. He used his right hand to turn the young man’s face towards him. “This is a onetime offer Jones,” he said his voice slightly threatening.

Ianto looked at Jason trying to decide if the man was serious. “Fine,” he said finally.

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