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Archive 94C Coda

Title: Archive 94C - Coda
Author: Duo-chan Maxwell
Beta: the ever efficient ally_p_x
Word Count: 476
Warnings: spoilers for DW End of Time and CoE (yep). Requires that you read Archive 94C first.
Contains: your obligatory post-CoE story.
Summary: This is the coda for my fic Archive 94C, just to work a bit on the possibilities.

A/N: So I've decided to add a little coda to Archive 94C. Because… well, just because.

Disclaimer: Beebs owns Torchwood and Doctor Who, I'm not doing this for profit, all the situations depicted here are fictional, yadda, yadda.  
                "Are you sure that we can do this, Martha?" Mickey asked as he followed Martha, side-stepping assorted rubble under the meagre illumination of a torch.
                "It's our best shot in finding the tech we need. And of course, just because we can do this doesn't mean we should. A-ha."
                She smiled as she found the entrance of the UNIT scavenging site formerly known as the Torchwood Three Hub. There were many fond memories of this place, of the people who worked there.  Of Jack, of course, being big damn hero; of Gwen, big heart and hard head; of Owen, trying to smother the kindness under a hedgehog's prickles; of Tosh, quiet mouth and a very loud mind; and of Ianto, fading into the background only to come back with a very sharp tongue.
                Now they were gone. Tosh and Owen died during the bombings in Cardiff nearly two years ago. Ianto, on the 456 incident. Jack left Earth, back among the stars.
                "Hey, come back! No time to dwell! I think I found something interesting." Her mind was sharply pulled back to reality. They now reached the levels that were untouched by the explosion – such a dirty trick – and could hold what they needed. "Damn. It's locked."
                "Locked? They never locked any individual rooms in the Archives. Ianto said that the triple biometric lock at the entrance was more than enough."
                "Well, this one is. Wonder what they have here..." Mickey went to work on the locks. Thankfully, they were your old-fashioned mechanical lock that could be picked. Not easily, though, as they became increasingly antsy on losing precious minutes and prayed for nobody to notice that there were two people in the middle of the night on an UNIT site.
                After a quick succession of clicks, it gave way and Mickey pushed the doors open.
                "What the hell is that?"
                "Looks like cloning technology."
                "Oh, God. Not those Sontarans AGAIN." Mickey shuddered as he remembered their last struggle with the potato-headed aliens. It was a very close one. He didn't even like to think about what could have happened if the Doctor didn't show up at that precisely perfect moment.
                Martha carefully got closer to the vat with glass windows. It seemed to be working. She got closer. There was some kind of control unit, a green LED innocently blinking every second or so and a screen that read "Energy saving mode".
                "What the... Martha, come and see it!" Mickey called out from where he stood, shining the torch through one of the glass windows and carefully peering at it. He looked a mix of shocked, irked and... gleeful?
                "Oh. My. God." There was only so much someone could do to not to faint from shock. She swayed slightly as her mind reeled and started on the possibilities.
                "Captain Cheesecake is going to love this."
Tags: fanfic:oneshot, fanfic:pg, plot bunny

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