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Community Pimp: Lights, Camera, Action! (Reel Torchwood Round Six)

Hello all you lovely Jack/Ianto lovers! Have you ever wondered what Jack and Ianto would do in Narnia? How Tosh would play Cupid to get them together in the rom com of your choice? Well, now's your chance to spread those writing wings and fly!

The new round of reel_torchwood is open for business! There are two days left to sign up for the madness fun! We provide a list of movies to get the creative juices flowing in our Sign Up Post, but you can sign up for any movie that trips your trigger*!

So come one, come all. If you aren't a writer, bookmark us to keep tabs on how the challenge is going and find out the all-important posting schedule so you can read what our authors come up with. Right now, we are looking at more than two weeks' worth of new fic, but are grabby handsing always open for more!

*Restrictions apply; see the FAQs for details.
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