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Chosen One - Chapter 35

Title: Chosen One - Chapter 35
Summary: Our favourite tortured boys are back in this third and final instalment in which they try to outrun Hell.
Notes: See chapter 1 for disclaimer warnings and related info.
Apologies for the long break in transmission. But as they say, “Shit happens!” But before we get back on air again, let’s go back to the original disclaimer. In it I admitted the story was shamelessly stolen and I had just dropped our favourite characters into it like we do for Reel Torchwood. In hindsight I should also have added the prompt as well - so in the spirit of full disclosure, the story is from Personal Demons. And yes, there is a lot the same throughout the stories, and yes, sometimes exactly, but just with Torchwood characters. So happy reading if you still want to keep going and see how it ends. Anyway, the last lot of chapters will be posted regularly until it’s finished, which should be about six or seven.


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