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Ianto Jones Child of Rift Chapter 37

AN: My beta. She needs a medal. Inusagi thank you so much for helping me! (And being there to ease my insecurities)
This is the combat chapter.
For those of you who have listened to the audio book Hidden. I liked it, but it was supposed to have occurred after Out of Time, but in the book Owen seems totally fine, which he shouldn’t be. So I decided not to include it even briefly.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood.
Spoilers: Combat
Warnings: Cursing. implied smut.

Ianto decided that the “Crazy Frog” song was the worst creation ever when it woke him from his deep sleep.
“God, why haven’t you changed that yet?” Jack groaned.

Ianto just grunted in reply. He felt the bed move a bit and then sighed when the song ceased.

“Ianto’s phone,” Jack exclaimed. Ianto shot up and looked at Jack in horror. God, he hoped it wasn’t his sister.

“Yep, he’s here. He just woke up… oh, I’m Jack… Yeah… oh he’s glaring at me. Yes, nice talking to you, too, Iden,” Jack chatted then handed the phone to Ianto. He mouthed he sounds hot before retreating to the small bathroom.

“Good morning, Iden.” Ianto yawned into the phone.

“Hey. Sorry to wake you,” Iden greeted.

“That’s okay.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking Sean with me to Vegas. It’s up to you, of course, but Sarah is invited to come along,” Iden explained, sounding a bit out of sorts.

“I’m sorry, Iden. I know that was probably difficult,” Ianto whispered.

“I knew he was going to answer, I just… I haven’t heard his voice in so long…” Iden choked out. Both versions of Ianto were silent for a moment.

“Anyway,” Iden continued, breaking the silence. “It’s your choice, whether or not Sarah goes. Just let me know by tomorrow night so I can book the tickets.”

“You’ve already booked them, haven’t you?” Ianto quipped, smiling slightly.

“Yes, but you don’t know how many I booked.”


Ianto felt like everyone was leaving him as he watched his charge pack her bags to head to Las Vegas. Iden would be taking over her training.

“Sarah, did I tell you that I was sorry?” Ianto asked. Sarah turned and smiled at him.

“Yes, about fifty times. And I’ve said I was sorry the same number of times.”

Ianto nodded and looked down at his feet.

“You know I’m not leaving because I’m angry with you or anything.”

“Then why are you going?” Ianto questioned.

“I love him,” Sarah blurted.

“You hardly know him,” Ianto pouted. “Plus, he’s dumb and a coward. Those are not impressive traits.”

“He’s neither of those things.”

“Well, that proves your love theory. They always say love is blind.”

Sarah laughed. “You know you’re not my father, right?”

“Well, maybe I should give Mr. Higgins a call. See what he thinks of this dead beat.”

“You could do that, but he isn’t my father either.” She smiled.

“Yes, he is. I checked your file,” Ianto challenged.

“Well, then you should know that he adopted me when I was thirteen, to please my mother,” Sarah retorted.

“Oh, I didn’t know,” Ianto said, “What happened to your father?”

Sarah shrugged and bit her lip as if pushing away sad thoughts.

“Alright, I’m all set. Let’s get to the airport,” she chimed, clearly wanting to put all discussions about her father to bed.

Ianto let her. He understood not wanting to discuss one’s father.


Ianto couldn’t help the silent tears that ran down his cheeks as he watched the plane that held Sarah, Ruby, Iden, Tink, Joy, and Sean roll down the runway. He felt Jason put a hand on his shoulder.

“Just you and me again, kid,” he teased. Ianto could hear the sadness in his voice, though. Adrian had left earlier in the day.

“Isn’t it always?” Ianto replied. Jason gave a small smile.

“I wish it was, sometimes. Life would be less complicated that way.”

“It’d be a bit boring, though,” Ianto pondered.

“Yeah…” Jason conceded. “So, are you going back to work tonight?”

“Only if Jack calls. He gave us all the night off,” Ianto explained. They stood silently for a moment and then out of nowhere Ianto’s phone began to ring. Ianto smiled. “Yep. Going back to work tonight.”


“One—since when did other people know about Weevils? Two—have they done this before, and if so how come we didn’t know about it? Three—what do they want with them, anyway?” Jack inquired as he made his way through the hub and into his office.

Ianto was taping up pictures of possible Weevil attack victims. “Might not be connected, but we’ve noticed a surge of unusual injuries being reported at the A&E unit.”

Jack grabbed a pile of reports from Ianto and began to skim through it, “Chunks taken out of legs and arms, deep wounds to backs and stomachs. So we have a wave of Weevil attacks to add to our problems.” He tossed the papers onto his desk then leaned against it. “Oh, and by the way, that spray we used on them previously? Looks like they’re becoming immune to it.”

“They’re mutating?” Tosh questioned.

“Or evolving,” Ianto added.

“So, any sign of the one we lost earlier?” Jack asked Tosh.

“I’ve run a trace on the van’s number plate. It’s fake. Two and a half thousand vans of that type registered in the Cardiff area. Widen that to a forty mile radius and the number doubles.”

“So run a trace on the vehicle’s—” Jack began but Tosh cut him off.

“—route via traffic cameras? Processing that now,” their resident genius said with a smirk then exited the office.

“You know, with her brain, I bet she could take over the world,” Jack mused.

“You’re probably right.” Ianto agreed, having a seat in front of Jack’s desk.

Jack looked down at the Welshman with a worried expression. “How is this going on right under my nose? People kidnapping Weevils.” He shook his head in shame.

“You can’t know everything that goes on within Cardiff, sir,” Ianto informed, knowing his statement was truer than Jack realized.

“Who says?” Jack teased then left the office.


Ianto went to feed the resident weevil as the others were tracking down the van. It was making a god-awful noise when he entered the vaults.

“What’s your problem tonight?” Ianto asked sliding its food into the cage. The Weevil just stayed in the corner and continued the noise. It was giving Ianto a bit of a headache.

“Look, Uncle Ianto brought you your food. Don’t you want to eat?” It didn’t take notice.

Ianto activated his comms. “Jack, the Weevil is acting a bit strange.”

“What’s it doing, tap dancing?” Jack replied.

“No, it’s making an awful noise,” Ianto explained, completely ignoring Jack’s joke.

“Alright. I’ll be right there.”

Ianto looked back at the Weevil, watching it intently until Jack finally showed up.

“It started ten minutes ago. What do you think it’s doing?” Ianto asked.

“I think it’s weeping,” Jack answered, staring at the beast.


“Owen’s been studying this one. Thinks they have a low-level of telepathic ability to share emotions across distance,” Jack theorized. Ianto wondered if Owen would have studied him and the other Rift Children had he not Retconned Jack.

“You mean it might be feeling the pain of another Weevil?” Ianto questioned. He wondered if the rush that Rift Children got from each other was another type of telepathic ability.

“I kind of hope we’re wrong, though,” Jack remarked, breaking Ianto away from his thoughts.


“Because that would mean someone’s not only kidnapping Weevils. They’re causing them pain.”


Ianto held the mobile Jack had given him to see if they could figure out where the Weevil kidnappers were but he hadn’t had any luck.

“Could he have been tortured?” Tosh was asking Owen when Ianto walked into the med bay where Owen was examining a body of a Weevil victim.

“No,” Ianto answered before Owen could.

Owen crossed his arms over his chest, “Do tell...” he questioned staring at Ianto.

“Well, there aren’t any marks on his wrists or ankles to indicate he was tied up,” Ianto explained.

“You’d be an expert in identifying that, wouldn’t you?” Owen mocked.

Jack gave Ianto a quizzical look.

“Anyway,” Ianto continued. “It looks like he was beat up.”

“Why smack somebody about then set the Weevil on them? Why not get the Weevil to do all the work for you?” Owen continued, more to himself that to the rest of the room.

“Any joy with the phone records?” Jack asked Ianto.

“The last incoming number was blocked and the phone’s entire call history has been erased,” Ianto replied.

“God, they move fast,” Tosh mused.

“If you ask me, these guys are using Weevils to carry out the perfect murder. No finger prints, no traces of recognizable DNA, a quick, guaranteed death. Nothing to connect anyone to the murder,” Jack hypothesized.

“Right, should be a piece of piss to find the killer, then,” Owen put in with a bit of bite in his voice. He was getting on Ianto’s nerves. Ianto understood that the man had lost Diane, someone he must have cared a lot about, but Ianto had lost people this week too, and he wasn’t taking it out on the team.

“What about this guy? Someone’s got to break it to his wife that he’s dead,” Gwen added, breaking Ianto from his thought.

Everyone stared at the supposed heart of the team. If she was going to pretend to have a heart, she may as well also pretend to use it.


It had already been a long day and it was only 4 o’clock. Ianto sighed as he read about the live Weevil victim. He didn’t want to deal with any of this. He wanted to go home and cry into his pillow for a while. But he trudged on like the loyal employee he was.

“I’ve tracked down another set of suspicious injuries at the hospital. They sound pretty bad,” Ianto announced, walking out of Jack’s office and into the main hub.

“Tosh, stay here and monitor Mark Lynch’s movements. Ianto with me,” Jack commanded in his booming captain’s voice.

“I’ll come with you,” Gwen suggested happily. Ianto decided that if he ever did slap another girl, it was going to be Gwen.

“Go home,” Jack ordered her. Ianto resisted the urge to smile.

“But…” Gwen tried to protest.

“It’s not a request. Remember—don’t let it drift,” Jack reminded her calmly. Ianto squeezed past Gwen and considered sticking his tongue at her, but decided that would be a bit childish.


“I already made my statement to the police,” the injured man groaned from his hospital bed.

“According to your chart here, you nearly had your heart torn from your rib cage,” Jack commented with mock amazement.

“Ooh,” moaned Ianto with mock sympathy from where he was sitting on the bed eating grapes. He was having fun interrogating with Jack.

“Ten hour operation to repair chest wounds,” Jack continued.

“Why should I talk to you?” the man questioned, clearly irritated.

Jack moved closer to the man’s bed side. “Let me tell you what did this to you. Six feet high. Teeth like a shark. Rippled skin. And the rage of a wild animal. Am I close?”

“I was mugged. There was three of them. They had knives,” the man tried. Ianto decided he was an even worse liar than Sean.

“So, why were your wounds described by paramedics as bite marks?” Ianto questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Look, I can’t help it if they got mixed up. They’re overworked,” the man lied. Apparently, he was going to stick to his knife story, no matter how stupid it was.

“There are lots of ways I can get you to talk, but the easiest would be if you consider the consequences should you not tell me the truth. And that is this creature will attack again. Somebody will die and it will be on your conscience. Now tell us the truth,” Jack warned the man.

“I can’t. They’d kill me,” the man confessed.

“Who’d kill you?” Jack asked.

“Everyone,” he choked out.


“What did he mean, everyone?” Tosh asked as she, Ianto, and Jack walked into the vaults.

“That’s all he’d say—couldn’t get any more out of him,” Ianto answered.

“That leaves us one option. Okay, Janet, time for a trip out.” Jack exclaimed, looking in at the Weevil.

“You call it Janet?” Tosh asked.

“Barbara just never seemed right,” Jack replied. It seemed logical enough to Ianto.


Ianto sat in the passenger’s seat as Jack drove the SUV like a mad man through the streets of Cardiff.

“You want to release a Weevil in the middle of Cardiff!” Tosh exclaimed from the back seat.

“Not exactly in the middle, a little to the side. I’ve placed a tracker in its boiler suit, so when they capture it, we’ll know exactly where they are.” Jack explained.

“It could kill any number of people before then,” Tosh complained.

“I’m with Tosh, there’s no telling what might happen,” Ianto reasoned, hoping Jack listened to him.

“We set it loose in the same place where they took the other one. It’s deserted this time of night. We’ll be with it every step of the way.” Jack reassured, trying and failing the ease his team members’ nerves.

“Tracker working?” Jack asked as he stopped the SUV in the car park.

“Yeah,” Tosh stated with clear irritation.

“Go, Janet,” Jack said, popping open the boot of the SUV.

They tracked the Weevil for a while in the vehicle until it went down a pedestrian-only walk way. Jack and Tosh got out and chased it on foot. When Ianto caught up with them in the SUV sometime later, the Weevil had been taken by the kidnappers.

They tracked the tracker to a chain-linked fence. The kidnappers had removed it from the Weevil’s suit. All seemed lost until Gwen’s voice came through the comm line and said that the phone of the dead guy had a text message. That message led them to an abandoned building.

It was worse than Ianto had expected. It was some sort of fight club. Men were paying money to get in a cage with a Weevil.

The worst part, when they got there, was finding Owen in the cage.

Jack and Gwen got him out, but not before he was injured.

Ianto was worried as they raced toward the A&E with a bleeding Owen in the boot. Owen may be a complete prick to him sometimes, but in the way that an older brother was to a younger one. Ianto cared for Owen, even if he was afraid of becoming one of his lab rats.

Gwen had taken over the role as caregiver, going as far as pushing Tosh out of the way. That was irritating to Ianto. If anyone in the vehicle loved Owen, it was Tosh. Plus, Tosh was the only other person besides Owen to have medical training.

Jack carried Owen into the hospital when they reached it, leaving Ianto, Tosh, and Gwen waiting in the queue area. Gwen was sobbing into her hands. Ianto rolled his eyes and placed a supportive hand on Tosh’s shoulder.

“He’s gonna be okay,” Jack yelled when he came back causing the other people waiting to jump.

Ianto let out a sigh of relief.


“Well, you’re never going to believe this but Owen’s pissed at me!” Jack announced, with pure sarcasm as he closed the door to Ianto’s flat after visiting Owen at the hospital.

“Really? Did you give him the grapes?” Ianto asked with mock astonishment.

“Said he didn’t like them,” Jack marveled as he walked over to Ianto and gave him a quick kiss where he was standing by the couch.

“Well, he isn’t the sex god he claims to be, then.”


“Gods eat grapes. It’s a fact,” Ianto stated.

“Says who?”

“Me. I know everything,” Ianto confirmed.

“Do you?” Jack teased.

“Oh yes. I am quite intelligent,” Ianto quipped nodding his head.

Jack stole another kiss, “Hmm. Show me what you know about making your captain moan with pleasure.”

Ianto pushed Jack’s coat off his shoulders. “Oh, I can do that.”

“Yeah? Will you tie me up and do it, you know, since you’re an expert?” Jack asked with a grin.

Ianto stared at the man momentarily. “I… um. Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” Jack smirked, pulling his braces down.

Ianto took a step back. “Okay, I want all those clothes off pronto, then I want you spread eagle on my bed.” He demanded.

Ianto smiled as he watched Jack race to obey. This was a fun change of events. Ianto walked into the bedroom and opened the bottom drawer on his side table. He pulled out two sets of hand cuffs.

“Have those always been in there?” Jack asked as Ianto attached him to the bed.

“Yep,” Ianto grinned, taking a step back and admiring the body of his lover, all his for the taking.

“You just let me use your ties every time without mentioning these?”

Ianto nodded mischievously.

“Now let’s see, I believe your request was to ‘make you moan with pleasure.’ Am I correct?” Ianto asked.

“Oh, yes,” Jack pleaded, licking his lips.

Ianto got on the bed between Jack’s legs. “Well, I know a way to do that,” he teased then licked Jack’s erection from bottom to top.

“Yeah, that’s a great start,” Jack moaned.

AN: Hope you liked it. Remember to review. ;)

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