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5 Fics from Meme prompts

Title: How Ianto Jones Got A Job

Summary: Why did Jack change his mind so suddenly to give Ianto the job. Set pre- Full Circle
Rating: PG
Characters: Ianto and Jack
Spoilers: Set pre-series and spoilers for Fragmets
Notes: Written for prompt to do Full Circle from Jack's POV

How Ianto Jones Got A Job


Title: Ding Dong is Tea Boy Dead?
Rating: PG
Summary: Follow up to Ding Dong the Tea-Boy's Dead. What has Ianto's life become like since he walked out of Torchwood?
Characters: Jack and Ianto
Warnings: Ianto whump.
Word Count: 1.3k
Notes: written for  the  prompt  Ding Dong The Tea-Boy's Dead revisited two months later.

Ding Dong is Tea Boy Dead?


Title: Ianto Knows All
Rating: PG
Summary: Jack's been keeping a secret and is in denial, but does Ianto already know what Jack is so desperate to keep hidden?
Characters: Jack
Word Count: ~600
Notes: Written for prompt Time Heals All Wounds Where Jack finds out he's pregnant from the alternate time line.

Ianto Knows All


Title: Reach Out and Touch Ianto
Rating: PG
Summary: What does Tosh think of Ianto and Owen's Hub Wars
Characters: Tosh
Word Count: 100
Notes: Written for the prompt any Hub Wars story from Tosh's POV and I went with Magnetic Personality

Reach Out and Touch Ianto


Title: Happy Camping: Reduex
Rating: R
Characters: Ianto and Jack
Summary: What happened after Countrycide...was Ianto really made a meal?
Notes: written for the prompt Alternate ending for Happy Camping

Happy Camping: Reduex


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