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Title: Bestmates IV

Author: vivivolkov

Fandom: Torchwood!!

Characters: Jack/Ianto

Summary: Short but Janto is Janto

Read at my LJ:


“Mam. Tad. I’m home.” Ianto announced as he entered the Harkness estate. What else was he supposed to call Jack’s parents? Mr. and Mrs. Harkness? No, that was way too formal. Craig and Diane? No, that was just weird. Calling them by their first names made it seem like he was their age. If his heart fluttered at the thought that he might as well start calling Jack's parents 'mam' and 'tad' because he would one day marry their son, he refusesd to evaluate or recognise that flutter.

“You’re home early. How was the date?” Craig Harkness quired from the kitchen. Jack’s parents were washing the dishes so Ianto avoided the wet hands that grabbed for him as he made his way to the coffee machine to start a brew.

“It was nice. Is Jack home?”

“Yes, he’s upstairs. Only nice?” Craig replied.

“Hmmmm, Yeah, er, she’s a nice girl. Just. Not... my type?”

“You don’t sound too sure there, Jones.”

Fuck. He used the last name. Whenever Craig used their last names, it meant he was determined and would not let up until he was satisfied. Might as well rip off the band aid, coffee is almost brewed anyway. “It’s just- Icouldn’tstopthinkingaboutsomeoneelse.”


“What do you mean, ‘Ahhh?’” Ianto narrowed his eyes at his Tad and stilled the ballet of movement required to make Jack’s coffee.

“It just doesn’t surprise me that you would be thinking about someone else.”

“Craig!” Diane was astounded that her husband would get involved in the boys’ love lives. She left the room, so she must not have been that concerned.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Ianto asked, ignoring the outburst and concentrating on Craig.

"If I must spell it out..." Craigmuttered before he took a deep breath and continued, “You are in love with him, stop pretending otherwise.”

Ianto blanched. Him? As in Jack ‘him?’ Was he so transparent? His eyes bulged and his face burned with embarrassment. “I-I-I-I-I-” His first reaction was to deny any such feelings for the American, but he knew Craig would see through that lie without effort.

“I didn’t say it for you to deny it. I’m saying it because you two have been tip toeing around each other for the better half of your teenage lives and I’m tired of watching you two feel sorry for yourselves when you both want and can have each other. And before you say Jack isn’t interested in you, he is. I’ve known Jack for all of his nineteen years, I know how much he cares about you.

"I was there the day he came home from kindergarten spell bound in hero worship of the boy he met in school that day, the boy that was and I quote 'the most beautiful creature ever created including pteranodons.' I was there at his first dentist appointment. I remember clearly the tantrum little Jack threw, refusing to budge from the waiting room chair and screaming at the top of his lungs for his, 'Yani.' I remember having to convince your parents to let you come to the dentist to calm Jack down. And when you got there, I swear it was a whole new Jack, confidant, ready to take on the whole world. You convinced him with one kiss on the cheek and a, 'Pteranodons eat dentists for breakfast' and he was looking at you like you were his guardian angel.” he replied. "I remember the day in November when sixteen year old Jack came home with this stupid grin on his face that wouldn't ware off for weeks. It took me a few days to realise, but it dawned on me the first time you came over that week, that Jack finally got that kiss he spent hours practicing in the mirror for."

Ianto blushed. He remembered that first kiss in perfect detail. Jack was nervous, Gwen had convinced everyone to play truth of dare and it was Jack's turn. He looked at Ianto out of the corner of his eye as if looking for something, and then said, 'dare.' Gwen was at the ready with a dare as soon as the words left Jack's mouth. 'Snog the most gorgeous person in the room.' Obviously Gwen thought Jack would choose her and the flames that burned with jealousy could be felt through the whole room as Jack turned toward Ianto, who was sitting to his right. Ianto could not see his own face but he could feel the blood rush to his face and could only imagine how red he was blushing. Without preamble or time to chicken out, Jack's hand cupped Ianto's face and slowly brought their faces together until tingling lips were touching for the first time. They stayed like that, lips locked, savouring the taste and feel of each other's lips against their own until Owen's disgusted noises brought them back to earth. Ianto remembered the hot heat made Jack sweat and the cologne he wore to be enhanced by Jack's natural smell. He remembered the slight salty taste to the kiss and Jack's sweaty hand on his face holding him close. He remembered that he was mortified by how much he enjoyed the chaste kiss and he remembered how all of that made it the most perfect first kiss.

"I could stand here and go through every week of Jack's life and tell you how often you determined his moods but I'll save you the trip down memory lane and just say that he's in love with you and always has been."

Ianto stood looking stunned, a million thoughts racing through his mind. “W-W-Wha-”

“Just talk to him, okay?”

Finally returning to himself, Ianto managed to formulate a response, “K-K-Kay. So, um, you don’t mind that I’m, errr... That I like Jack?”

Craig wiped his hands on the kitchen towel and moved over to Ianto, taking him into his arms and kissing his forehead. “I wouldn’t change you for the world.” he told him.


Ianto made his way upstairs, a few minutes later, with the coffees. “Jack,” he spoke, as he entered Jack’s room. “I made coff-”

Jack was teetering precariously with one foot on the top rung of a chair, the other foot toeing the seat, stretched out as far as he could to reach the top shelf of his bookcase. The stretch made his chinos tighten around his thighs and arse while his shirt rode up to reveal smooth golden flesh. Ianto’s eyes absorbed the exposed skin and traced the taunt muscles in the arms that were reaching for something just out of reach. Ianto tore his eyes away from the gorgeous picture and set the coffees down on the dresser.

"Hey, handsome."

“Jack, you should be careful.” Ianto said, stepping up to the chair incase Jack should fall. Yeah, incase he fell... right. Nothing to do with wanting to be close to that hot skin or that perfect butt.

“I was planning on killing myself, but now that you’re here, I suppose I can suffer another day.” Jack replied as he turned around to face Ianto with that mega-watt smile. Ianto focused on keeping his eyes anywhere above Jack’s crotch that had became tantalizingly level with his mouth.  “Ooooh, you’ve made coff-”

Before Jack could finish his sentence, his foot slipped a little, tipping the chair past equilibrium and causing it to crash to the floor. Ianto grabbed at Jack’s waist in an attempt to break his fall, but the chair spun as it fell and hit Ianto’s knee causing him to lose balance as well. His legs gave way and he ended up on his back on the floor with Jack pressed on top of him.

For a moment, all Ianto could feel was Jack’s solid body moulding into his. Just as he was going to close his eyes to enjoy the sensation, he caught a glimpse of a box slipping off the top shelf. Panic and concern for Jack’s well being overrode any control he had over his actions. He shifted his body, still underneath Jack, and rolled them over and out of the box’s trajectory, pinning Jack to the floor with his body.

The hilarity of the situation caught up with them when the box hit the ground and photo albums and scrap photos littered the floor. Relief from the narrow escape left Ianto completely relaxed and unmasked.

“Death by family album.” Ianto said and both erupted in laughter. Bodies pressed together and rumbling with laughter, providing the most intimate feeling. Jack felt something hard nudge his upper thigh.. Is that..? Yes, it is. Jack’s laughing stopped abruptly and he turned his head to look at Ianto. Ianto turned to face Jack a moment later. The laughter died on Ianto’s lips as breaths mingled and he felt his erection pressing into Jack’s thigh. Horrified at his body’s betrayal, he blushed brightly. Jack tilted his head up, absorbing the adorable blush and inviting Ianto to kiss him. Initiating the kiss would be proof of his desire for Jack, erections could come from almost anything these days.. Ianto leaned forward-

“Is everything alright up there?” Diane’s voice drifted up to the room.

Ianto snapped out of his daze and jumped off Jack mumbling, “I should go.”

Jack was on his feet within the next second. Ignoring his mother's question, Jack watched Ianto retreat, his back towards him, carefully avoiding stepping on the photos on his way out the room. Ianto would never leave a place a mess, no matter if it was his mess or not, so, his lack of apprehension over the scattered photos concerned Jack. “Ianto,” he whispered. “Ianto.” He did not know what to say or how to say it, but he hoped that his voice said enough. “Ianto.” he whispered again.

“Yeah?” He thought he imagined Ianto speaking until he saw Ianto pause in his stride, turn his head ever so slightly in Jack’s direction..

He seemed to be waiting for Jack to say something else, but Jack was at a loss for words. “Coffee,” was the first thing that popped into mind.

They both turned their heads toward the cups, but neither could move to retrieve them. They just stared at how Jack’s blue and white striped mug contrasted perfectly with Ianto’s red and white one.

“Blue. Blue suits you. You always look good in blue. It like, brings out your eyes or something.” Ianto said.

Jack beamed. It really did not take much from Ianto to make Jack happy. Note to self: wear blue more often. “So, you’re thinking the blue one?”

“I’m thinking the blue one.” Ianto answered with a little smile and handed over the mug.

“I’m thinking the red one...”

“Your choice.”

“I mean for you. Red looks good on you. I love it that you blush so easily, I can only imagine how flushed your body gets as you come, er...”

Ianto raised an eyebrow. “Do you often picture me co-”

“Excuse me.” A stray kid reached between them for the mug painted with frogs and lizards. Grabbing it he ran off in search of his unfortunate parent.

“Red and blue it is then. I’ll pay for yours, you pay for mine? Look, a cash register.”Jack dropped the blue mug into Ianto’s hands and scurried toward the checkout line with the red one in an attempt to avoid answering the unfinished question.

Jack took a deep breath, “I remember the day we bought those for each other.” He indicated the striped mugs with a tilt of his head even though Ianto could not see him do so. “I said, ‘Red looks-”

“-good on you. I love it that you blush so easily, I can imagine how flushed your body gets as you come.” Ianto restated word for word what Jack had said almost a year ago.

“And you never finished asking...”

“Do you often picture me coming?” Ianto finished for him.

“Yes.” Jack found the strength in that admission to walk towards Ianto. He stopped behind Ianto when his body was so close as to be touching Ianto’s but not quite so.

“Jack.” It was supposed to sound stern and demand Jack stop toying with him like this, but even to his own ears, his voice rang gravelly and low. It was the same way he said ‘Jack’ as he came after wanking to thoughts of Jack touching him.

His name on Ianto’s lips sounded suspiciously like a throaty moan and Jack could feel Ianto’s body tense even as he was not physically touching him. Isnto turned around and Jack watched as shaky hands lifted his mug and handed it to him. He was shocked, literally, when their fingers brushed. Usually there was a deliciously tingling sensation where Ianto touched him, but this, this was beautiful. Every nerve ending in his body stood to attention, hoping, waiting. He looked up at Ianto. Ianto looked frozen to the spot until his head snapped up to regard Jack with wide eyes. He caught Jack looking at him, eyes meeting, expressing something unrecognizable, and then just as swiftly, his eyes shifted anywhere but Jack. He stepped closer until his mouth was a hair’s breath from Ianto’s ear andsaid, “I dream about you every night and touch myself every morning imagining your hands on me, your lips against my skin. I c-”

“Oh my God, look at this mess.” Diane’s voice interrupted the intimate moment. She had just made it up the stairs to check what the noise had been. The photos on the floor were the first thing she saw and she spoke before she saw Jack standing before Ianto, seeming to be whispering in his ear.  It dawned on here that she had just interrupted an intimate moment between the two. Maybe they were dating and just pretending not to be so that she and Craig would not treat them differently or reject them.

Ianto stepped back just a bit, but it was a step back no less, and took a sip of coffee from the mug still in his hands, closing his eyes and savouring the first burst of flavour. Jack could almost see the tension leave his body and felt a stab of pain that he was not the one to help Ianto relax.

“Sorry about the mess. We were about to clear it up, just wanted a burst of energy first,” Ianto said indicating the coffees.

Ianto did not look at Jack for the rest of the evening. Jack knew, his eyes were on Ianto the whole time.


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