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Series: Hope, Chapter 2

Series: Hope

Title: N/A

Chapter: 2

Rating: PG-13 for now

Notes: This has now become a multiple Fandom X-Over; So far it's Doctor Who, Torchwood, BBC Sherlock and Supernatural.

Chapter 1 here:

Summary: The Doctor has a Pocket Watch, The Master has a Pocket Watch, Ianto has a Stopwatch, But why a Stopwatch, why not a Pocket Watch like them. Contains MAJOR Spoilers for Children of Earth, it’s AU. X-over Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, Primeval, Supernatural, NCIS.

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As Jack made was making the preparations to get Rhys and Ianto out of sight before they were found, and Gwen was calling Martha on his instructions telling her she needed to call their mutual friend on her special phone, hundreds of bright lights were spreading across the world.

A skip across the tiny pond in London, a brilliant consulting detective was having his first major panic attack as the two closest things he had to friends, a former army Doctor and a Scotland Yard DI collapsed after being hit by tiny lights, you could tell he was panicked due to that fact that he was rambling, slightly hysterically, on the his brother, rambling he sometimes did, hysterically to his older brother, never.

Nearby, a shocked Mike Stamford raced to the closest phone, cursing the fact he'd forgotten to charge his mobile phone that day, to call in a collapsed female laboratory technician.

Meanwhile in a small university office, a Scottish Professor is checking the pulse of a dark-haired young man who is slumped over his laptop while on the phone, and two captains one slightly older than the other are being hauled into a medical bay after collapsing during a training exercise.

Further across a bigger pond, an older man suffering brain damage from a bullet suddenly sets his monitoring equipment haywire and two brothers into a state of panic as the light settling into him could have been an attack by any number of supernatural beings.

Further up in Washington, DC, panic ensues as well, when a young computer geek and a gothic lab tech collapse in the middle of a naval crime investigation.

Meanwhile, back in Cardiff, a distinctive sound is being heard in the remains of the Torchwood building, the sound is familiar, but the face that pokes out isn't, nor the people next to him, this face is paler, more angular, and is proudly wearing a bowtie with tweed, next to him a is a slightly disappointed looking redhead and an average seeming young man, but two of the lights that hasn't moved towards anyone, suddenly zoom towards the two surprised looking companions of the strangely dressed man, light engulfs them and they collapse.

The Doctor barely has time to pull his sonic screwdriver out for a quick scan, even though the truth seems obvious, he won't believe, he CAN'T believe.

But the scans don't lie, energy, Timelord energy, and more of it rocketing across the planet and into space as he scanned, it was brilliant, impossible, and bitterly worrying, where did it come from?

Looking around, the doctor finds Jack looking across at him, two people, also recognizable as Timelords propped against the remains of a wall, but which Timelords?

The Doctor was used to knowing the distinctive energy of every Timelord he'd ever meet, but these were unknown, he'd never seen them before, in his entire long existence, he had never met these Timelords, Who are they?
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