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How can you do this to yourself Ianto? chapter 2

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Angst
Rating: NC-17 can vary through out chapters
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: child abuse, self harm, homophobia
Summary: Ianto's past is comeing back to haunt him
and jack doesnt no what todo
he is just there to comfort him

He lay on his bed his head stuffed under his pillow trying to block out the shouting, his parents were arguing again, about him, about his sexuality. The poor sixteen year old boy sobbed into his pillow he new it was his fault for there arguing but he couldn't help it it wasn't his choice.
"No Ifan I'm not having it! I am not having a queer son!" "Its not his fault Braith he didn't choose to be gay!" Braith snorted "well Rhianon isn't queer is she, she's perfect" "how can you say that!"Ifan shook his head.
The boy closed his eyes crushing the pillow harder against his ears. "You no what let's ask him shall we!" Braith squealed "let's see if the little queer chose it shall we" "Braith that's not fair you no he didn't choose it" Ifan tried to reason with his wife but to no avail "Ianto! Get your arse down here now!". Braith yelled,
Ianto began to shake as he dragged his head out from under the pillow his hair mused he slowly began to move towards the door "coming mam" he tried to keep the fear out of his voice. He moved down the stairs heading towards the kitchen knowing instantly that that was were they were, "yes mam?" She looked her son square in the face, "did you choose to be a disgusting little queer?"
Ianto bowed his head examining his feet "no mam"
Braith lurched forward grabbing her son and slapping him across the face hard "liar! Now tell me the truth!" Ifan jumped forward grabbing his wife hard at the shoulders "that is enough!" he pushed her back standing in between his son and wife he turned to look at Ianto "go to your room Cariad I will be up in a little while" he turned the boy to face the door way and gave him a little shove. Ianto began to move to the door clutching his face as the stinging rang out over his right cheek shock began to creep up on the boy the next thing he new he was falling to the floor his vision turning black.

"Ianto, Ianto! Come on sweet heart wake up" Jack clutched the crying welsh man to his chest as he thrashed around in his sleep crying and whining "Ianto baby please wake up" tears began to roll down the captains cheeks feeling so helpless as he watched his lover suffer "Jack" Ianto cried Jack cradled the young man rocking him back and forth "hey baby you back with us"
Ianto held onto Jacks bare arms looking up at Jack as tears rolled down his cheeks "Cariad why are you crying" Ianto looked up into the imortals eyes noting the tear tracks running down the imortals cheeks "I couldn't do anything, I couldn't stop it" Jacks voice cracked as he spoke Ianto reached up to stoke Jacks cheek brushing away the stray tears "its okay Cariad you don't need to stop anything"
Jack shook his head "I need to protect you Ianto and I can't even protect you from night mares what good am I" "ooh Baby you protect me well enough and don't you forget that" Ianto reached up and brushed his lips against Jacks, a small smile appeared on the older mans lips "do you want to talk about it" Jack whispered into Iantos hair, he could feel Ianto sink down against his body the muscles tense in his shoulders. "It felt so real, I can still feel the stinging of her slap against my cheek" he reached up and touched his right cheek "who slapped you hun?"
Iantos voice cracked "my Mam she hit me for telling the truth" he began to shake as his night mare and his past came flooding back to him, Jack lent down and kissed the top of his lovers head rubbing his thumb over the bandaged wrist noting that blood had seeped through "come on hun let's go change this bandage and get some breakfast but your not going into work today"
"Okay" he whispered as he moved to get of off Jacks lap "but I'm going to work" he got of the bed and headed to the bathroom with Jack behind completely naked.
Ianto put the toilet seat down sitting on top slowly undoing the bloody bandage wincing as it tugged on the dried blood. Jack bent down opening the cupboard door under the sink taking out the first aid kit, Ianto dumped the bandage in the bin reaching for the tap and turning it on running his bloody wrist under the cold water Watching the water turn red, his damage running away down the drain "no Ianto today your staying home. With me" Ianto looked up at his lover "why?" Jack chuckled "can't I spend a bit of time with my boyfriend?" Ianto reached over and took the hand towel of the rail drying his wrist and inspecting the neet stitching of one Owen harper "not when I tried to kill myself he can't, what's going on jack"
Jack huffed as he realised he was court out "owen wanted me to get you to open up about your problems and your latest suicide attempt" Ianto clenched his fists "I told you Jack I didn't want to die" he spoke through gritted teeth while wrapping his wrist up in a clean bandage "I no baby I no, but I just want to help you that's all" "I don't want your help Jack!" Ianto got up leaving the bathroom slamming the door behind him to buy time dragging on track suit bottoms and a t-shirt before leaving the flat. He needed to get away from Jack he needed open space, freedom, some were to think freely. He walked out the block of flats rubbing his wrist conscious of the people around him stareing at him like some freak of nature a suicidal maniac.
He walked towards the park heading for the hill him and Rhiannon would go to when his mam was feeling especially vicious the would just sit for hours Rhiannon would hold her sobbing little brother for hours until he stopped crying tend to his fresh wounds caused by there mother or would clean up the fresh cuts he had made himself.

A couple of hours past and Ianto was still up on the hill lent against the lone tree he didn't hear the foot steps coming up behind him nor did he realise it was Jack "I wondered where you had got to" Jack sat down next to his lover wrapping the young man up in his coat taking in how cold he was, Ianto didn't move nor respond to jacks rhetorical question he just stared out over the city mindlessly fraying the fresh bandage. "You no this spot brings back so many memory of out first date" jack began talking trying to ground the young man help him to home in on his voice "do you remember that one time we came here we had only a blanket and we laid under this tree all night just staring at the stars huddled up close soft kiss' all night long. That was one of the best nights we had ever had"
A small smile turned up the corners of Ianto's mouth "you coming back to me slowly baby" Jack kissed the side of his head and carried on talking "do you remember that weevil hunt one time were we caught the weevil had it all sedated and bagged up and everything but YOU distracted me and had me up against a tree giving me a blow job and the weevil came round got up and started running of, running straight into a tree knocking its self out again and giving us time to get it back to the hub"
Ianto let out a little chuckle turning to look at Jack "what are you doing here Jack?" Jack looked mock hurt "you had been gone a while so I thought I would take a wander and found you" he gave his famous Jack Harkness grin "thank you" Ianto whispered reaching over and kissing his captain passionately "what for?" Jack looked down at his lover searching his eyes for answers "for being there for me, you no how to treat me and what I need, your my special someone" Jack smiled "its okay sweet heart anything for you baby I do it because I care not because I have two and I would change that"
"Take me home Jack" Jack laughed "with pleasure"
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