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How can you do this to yourself Ianto chapter 4

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Angst
Rating: NC-17 can vary through out chapters
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: child abuse, self harm, homophobia
Summary: Ianto's past is comeing back to haunt him
and jack doesnt no what todo
he is just there to comfort him

Jack stroked iantos hair untill he felt the young mans breathing evened out and felt his body go limp from exhaustion his face was pressed to Jack's chest and his arms loosly round his waste, he looked so peacefull, but this was only the beginning the battle ground was spreading and it could take months or years to cross it.
Jack felt cold, why did he feel cold? he opend his eyes to find the bedroom empty, so thats why? no cosey welsh man to keep him warm, he was still propped up on the pillows with his legs splayed from were Ianto had slept the sound of rushing water could be heard from the bathroom, ok Iantos takeing a shower, no Ianto should be takeing a shower, oh no, dread swept through Jacks body, he climbed out of the bed and moved over to the bathroom door and nocked hard "Ianto can i come in please!" he shouted over the running water, "no Jack you stay out there, i wont be a moment" Iantos voice was quite. "Ianto i'm going to come in ok" Jack closed his eyes and opend the door, when he opend his eyes Ianto was sat on the side of the bath, the shower running cold with Iantos arm underneath the water running from his arm was tinged red.
"i'm sorry Jack, i needed it to stop" Jack tilted his head to the side sympathetically "wanted what to stop hunny?" Jack moved over to the bathroom sink and opend the cuboard to take out the first aid kit and cotten swabs reaching over he took the towel of the rail and turned the shower of takeing Ianto's arm he dried it gently with the towel, six neat red bloody lines marred Iantos arm new scars over old, "i wanted the pain to stop and the night mares to go away, its always the same Jack, every night i get beaten by her and she isnt even here!" he pulled his arm away from Jack to observe it befor giving it back to Jack. he took a cotten swab and sprayed antie septic spray on it, gently wiping it over the cuts takeing the blood away, Jack looked into the welsh mans eyes as he did this, they were empty no emotion at all, "have you taken your tablet yet?" Jack asked softly, Ianto shook his head "ok" Jack replied, he applied a dressing to Iantos arm and began to wrap a bandage of the top,"can i have alook at the other arm please" he rached over to Ianto other arm and took it gently in both hands running his fingers over the soft bandage.
"come on love lets get some lunch" Jack took both of Iantos hands and pulled him to his feet and into the bedroom, the welshman sat on the end of the bed while Jack worried about around him, he passed Ianto a tablet and glass of water and watched him pop it into his mouth and swallow it down with water before continuing to collect clothes together for the rest of the day, "come on were going out for lunch is that ok?" Jack knelt down infront of Ianto and brushed his fringe to one side "yer?" Ianto nodded his head and smiled "come on get change would you like some help?" "no i'm fine Jack, get dressed"
Walking through rhoal dahl plas hand in hand they looked up at the water tower, it was of today, that doesnt make much of a diffrence it seems to be of alot now, "you ok going to the warf for lunch?" the younger man just smiled and nodded "whats wrong Yan your being awfully quite, there anything you want to get of your mind?" Ianto looked down at the joined hands befor looking up at Jack. they were stood At the road weighting for the lights to change "nothing realy, i'm just ashamed of what ive done, and what i'm putting you through, you dont need all this" he waved his free hand at nothing in particular, "babe dont worry about it, i told you already, i'm here for you to support you, i love everything about you" Jack could see the welshmans cheeks redden, "come on love" Ianto pulled jack across the street "i'm hungry"
chapter 5-</a>

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