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How can you do this to yourself Ianto? Chapter 7

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Angst
Rating: NC-17 can vary through out chapters
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: child abuse, self harm, homophobia
Summary: Ianto's past is comeing back to haunt him
and jack doesnt no what todo
he is just there to comfort him

there are referances to phantom of the opera in this but so minour its hardly there, i couldnt help myself. wee bit of gwen bashing generaly becouse im not a fan of her but hey.

"Breath Ianto, its okay now, your okay your safe" Jack ran a hand through Iantos hair whispering soft nothings into his ear. "Jack, she was here she was next to me, she called me queer" Ianto cried into Jacks chest gripping hold of his shirt, the older man shook his head, "there is nobody here, she isnt here its just me and Owen" Owen took a deep breath, he was stood in the corner of the room watching Jack interact with his lover, he wasnt the strong leader everybody was used to, the one that led them into battle against cyberman the one that sacrafised himself to save the team, this was a man that had his barriers down and was completly at a loss he was showing his true self a careing man that loves somebody that has fiannaly found somebody he cares about, somebody he could loose if he didnt take that right step, he was showing he is human after all.
"Its okay now love i'm here no one can harm you my words will warm and calm you" Jack began to recite the lyrics from Iantos favourite musical his voice a soft lul that Owen even struggled to hear it "make her go away Jack" Ianto whisperd befor his eyes drifted shut again "i will love, me and Owen will make her go away. Masqurade paper faces on parade masqurade, hide your face so the world will never find you" Jack sang untill he was shore Ianto wouldnt wake again, slowly he moved the sleeping man so he was lying back on the bed he turned to look at Owen "think of something Owen, i cant do this alone" he led down beside his lover on his side his back to Owen and pulled Ianto into his arms burrying his nose into his hair, what has his life become?

The doctor slipped out of the room up the ladder and into Jacks office, he ran his shaky hands through his hair and blew out a deep breath "think Owen think" he whisperd to himself, he slumped down into Jacks chair pinching the bridge of his nose, "Owen" toshiko's voice could be heard from the doorway, timmedly she stepped into the room "are you okay, you've been gone a while, i was starting to worry" she smiled sadly, pretending was going to be way going to be harder than she thought, "yer Tosh i'm fine, dont worry" he sighed glumly, She chuckled delicately "i always worry when your concerned, you should no that" "well dont Tosh i'm fine" he smiled more reashuringly "weres Gwen?" he moved out of the chair and over to the glass window "she went home an hour ago its coming up midnight, i thought i would weight for you, i was going to ask if you wanted to go for a drink, but its abit late now" he looked at her "oh sorry Tosh, i'm to busy i'm afraid, sorry to waste your time love" he rested a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it tightly.
"whats going on, talk to me" she reached a hand up to touch his hand on her shoulder he sighed "theres nothing to talk about i'm afraid" Tosh bit her lip "okay" she tapped his hand and moved to leave "you no were i am Owen" he loved how her accent rolled over his name it is realy quite sweet, "i no Tosh, dont worry" he smiled and moved back to Jacks chair and flopped into it, pulling peices of paper from Jacks draw he picked up the pen Ianto had bought the captain becouse he was sick of Jack stealing his own and began to wright, he wrote everything down that he new about Ianto's past, and about Iantos little quirks, from the way he fitted his tie to the way he flinched when somebody moved to touch him to quickly he then began to wright down his own knowledge on mental health and on how he would treat it, and the best course of action for Ianto, starting from dissmmising him from the team untill further notice.

"Jack im sorry but its for his own good and everyone else who comes into contact with him, do you realy think i want him to leave, because i dont, he cant stay here its not safe take him home, give him some files to put in order, keep him busy let him prepare stuff for the archive's its about the only thing that will keep him sane, he's going back to civilian life Jack, deal with it" and with that Owen turned and left Jacks office nothing else said, infront of him were a bottle of pills to help ianto sleep deeply at night.
The welshman was sat up in bed his head lulled to one side, his eyes drooped and lifeless, dark rings circuling his eyes, he didnt look up when Jack came down the ladder he just weighted for Jack to climb on the bed befor he moved to sit in the captains lap curling himself up into a tight ball with his arms round Jacks waste, he liked it in Jacks lap it made him feel safe and secure like nobody can get to him and hurt him anymore, The captain looked down at his lover "you okay sweetie how you feeling" he rubbed his hand up and down his lovers back and kissed the top of his head, ianto felt so helpless now he felt weak and vulnerable, "i'm okay Jack, how are you, i'm sorry for everything i have put you through, im sorry for hitting you aswell" Ianto sounded like a lost child, just wanting to go home, " dont worry about it Yan, were going home in a little while and we wont be comeing back for a while, okay" Ianto looked up at Jack his eyes a smokie grey misty with lost, he didnt say anything, he just looked at Jack and nodded.

"Owen were going, and we will see you soon, your in charge" Jack stood by the invisible lift "were you going Jack?" Gwen apeared at the top of the stairs by green house "you cant leave us not again" Gwen whinned, Tosh didnt say anything she just looked at her screen and tapped away, Owen stood behind her a hand resting on her sholder reashuringly, he frowend and turned on Gwen "will you stop your winging, he is going away and shall be back soon, the man needs a dam holiday so just shut up" it was almost like Gwen had forgot everything that happend yesterday "well what about Ianto, why is he going away why isnt he staying and doing his job, what he is paid todo" she folded her arms like the errant child she liked to be, she wanted them to say it, she wanted them to say, 'Ianto is broken and needs time of' she was going to force it out of them, Ianto stepped of the lift and passed Jack to stand at the bottom of the stairs "you no Gwen, your a real bitch you no that, you dont care as long as you get what you want well you no what, sweetheart, you aint getting what you want, you aint getting to spend time with Jack, like you crave, are you so your going to spit your dummy out like the baby you are, grow the hell up Gwen and act your age, Jack isnt interested, he is going on holiday, and i am going on holiday, DEAL WITH IT you brat" he turned and headed for the rolling door not saying another word, his hands were shakeing he couldnt help but grip his wrist painfully hard.
"Jack! are you going to let him talk to your staff like that" Gwen spat, the captain shrugged his shoulders "the truth hurts Gwen, the truth hurts, LATERS" he turnned and ran after Ianto, listning to gwen screech was music to his ears. "ianto weight up" he yelled, Ianto was at the torrist office sat in his desk chair swinging from side to side " boy did that feel good" he breathed, Jack smiled "come on love, lets go home and make you better" he reached out his hand to his lover weighting for him to take it, Ianto smiled and stood up takeing his partners hand "lets go"
Chapter 8-</a>

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