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How can you do this to yourself Ianto? Chapter 8

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Angst
Rating: NC-17 can vary through out chapters
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: child abuse, self harm, homophobia
Summary: Ianto's past is comeing back to haunt him
and jack doesnt no what todo
he is just there to comfort him

I own none of the characters but if i did i woulod be dead rich :)
there are referances to phantom of the opera in this but so minour its hardly there, i couldnt help myself. wee bit of gwen bashing generaly becouse im not a fan of her but hey. enjoy

Gwen stood on the stairs astounded, nobody, not ever, has ever spoken to her like that, it was quite frankly embarrasing, she saw the smirk on Toshikos face and how Owen bit his lip ever so tightly, gripping Toshikos shoulder harder as Ianto called her a brat, she wanted to run and hide to cover her face in shame and cry, she felt so hummiliated. instead she turned on her heel and walked into the green house slamming the glass door behind her, the glass door shakeing in her wake.
"well that was something" Owen laughed resting his head on the top of Toshikos, "you can say that again" Tosh laughed lifting her hand slowly to Owen's head, Owen stoped laughing and lifted his head, Tosh's hand falling to her side, she looked on at the computer screen not saying a word, the atmospher had changed, it became tense and electrifide, the doctor moved round to stand next to the woman looking down at her the hole time, not moving his eyes once from her face, gently he moved a hand out to cup her chin, the touch wa hardly there just enough for her to no he is there, he turned her face to look at him he searched her eyes for any unshoreness, Slowly he bent down to be at her eye level, she realy did have beautifull eyes, He tilted his head slightly and slowly moved in, His lips softly touching her own her eyes flutterd shut and gentle breath come from her nose, she was so sweet her lips so soft and gentle, so dainty and un used, he pulled away quickly and streightend up "i i'm sorry i dont no what came over me, erm" and with that he ran to the step of the medicle bay and was out of sight, his white lab coat blowing around his ankles.
She opened her eyes slowly, to see the top of Owens head disapear down the steps, she reached a hand up to touch her moist lips, did that realy just happen? she stood up and ran after the medic "Owen weight please" he didnt look up at her, she stood at the bottem step her cheeks flushed and hot, "Tosh please, i said i was sorry, i dont no what came over me, please leave it" he flipped through some files on his desk not realy looking at them he just wanted something todo to take his mind of the person that was becoming his obseshion, "I cant Owen you no that, we have to talk" she moved to stand beside him resting a hand on his arm "Owen look at me" he did as he was told, her eyes searched his face, quicklky she claimed his lips once more, more desperate this time she pushed him into his desk chair straddling his slim legs, he did'nt object he wrapped his arms around her waste and kissed her pashionatly, slowly he pulled away, "do you think its safe to leave?" he whisperd his forhead pressed to hers his eyes closed, "i think so i'll set the rift alarm to my PDA" she whisperd in reply, she stood pulling Owen up with her "come on then, we can talk at myn" she smiled.
Gwen apeard back in the hub a little after Owen and Tosh had left, her eyes puffy and red, it was dark in the hub just the computer monitours for guidence, she moved down the steps carefully and over to the computers, the sound of Myfanwy makeing her jump slightly, she looked back through the cctv footage, looking for when Owen and Toshiko had left, her jaw droppeed when she watched them in the medicle bay, first Jack and Ianto now Owen and Tosh, Rhys should be enough for her but realy what she craved was the attenshion the boys had given her she wasnt the object of there desires anymore, they had moved on from her pitifull ways. she collected her things and made for the door, her day just couldnt get any better, more tears slipped down her cheeks, she realy was a selfish bitch, she new the state of Ianto, yet she didnt care she wasnt the scenter of attenshion anymore and she didnt like it.

"Realy Owen, all of this has been going on under out noses for almost a week, and you didnt think to tell us" Toshiko pulled the covers up to her chin resting her head on the medics chest his hand tracing pattens on her skin "yer it has, i'm sorry i never said anything you no doctor patient confidentiality, its eating me alive Tosh, i dont no what todo, its killing me seing him like this, i've dissmissed him from work, this also means we wont have a captain becouse he wont leave Iantos side, so that leave us two team members down and also with no captain" he pinched the bridge of his nose with his free hand and sighed, he realy was screwed, "you will do fine Owen, you have led us beffor you can do it again" she smiled reashuringly "if you would like i can track through the cctv data base around cardiff and track Iantos movements from the last two weeks, it could give us some clue to what triggerd his break down" she spoke softly to Owen, he was hurting, beating himself up on the inside for letting his friend become so broken infront of him, and he hadnt realised. "thats probably close to useless tosh, i dont think you will find anything, he has been with us the hole time, and pretty much always has Jack at his side" he grummbled to himself, "sorry Tosh, its a good idea though, you may aswell take alook, every little helps i guess, we could also look at his incoming and out going calls aswell, from his mobile and home phone" he kissed the top of her head "were would we be with out your massive interlect Toshiko Sato"

"Well Mr Jones you realy out did yourself that time" Jack laughed as he drove him and ianto home "yer well she deserved it" Ianto grummbled thumbing at his trouser leg picking at invisible lint "what do you want todo when we get home" Jack asked looking breifly at his lover befor back at the road, Ianto huffed "you no what i want todo, you just wont let us" he scoweld back at Jack then back at his leg, "nope Ianto i wont, not after last time, i can asure you i am desperate to claime you again" he flipped a hand out to wave at nothing in particular then placed it on Iantos leg squeezing gently he could feel Iantos leg stiffen under his touch, he moved his hand to The gear stick instead, closeing his eyes tight to hide the hurt he opend them quickly again not saying another word.
They pulled up outide Iantos apartment, Jack turned the engine of and climbed out moving quickly around the suv to open Iantos door takeing his hand he led him from his seat and onto the path "so Mr Jones what else do you want todo" he smiled, Ianto huffed "nothing" he scoweld at Jack and removed his hand from his lovers, Jack shut the SUV door and locked it "come on love lets go inside" the captain slipped his arm around his lovers waiste and steared him up the stairs into the apartment block and to Iantos door he put his hand out for the key which Ianto produced from his pocket, he unlocked the door and steared him inside and down the corridoor to the living room, he watched as Iantos eyes became weary and tierd, he sat him on the sofa, "dont you fall asleep on me Mr, you need to eat" he chuckled "you can have the Jack special, buttery almost burnt toast" he patted Iantos leg the welshman looked up at him and smiled "great" he slumped his head back and stared at the ceiling focusing on staying awake, five minits later and jack was back with what he had promised, close to burnt toast smotherd in greasy butter.

"Come on love lets go to bed" the captain slipped and arm under Iantos legs and down his back, picking him up he craddled him to his chest "even if i did want to make love with you, i dont think you would make it past forplay" Ianto felt Jacks chest rumble as he chuckled, it was music to his ears, he closed his eyes and sighed. Jack gently led him on the bed and stripped him down to his boxers and pulled the duvet over his lover, quckly he removed his own clothes, Ianto was already asleep when he curled himslef around him, he brushed the hair from iantos face genly laying his cheek on his lovers sholder he began to sing, "you alone can make my song take flight, the power of the music of the night, i love you Ianto Jones dont leave me just yet" and thats how Jack woke the next moring cocooned around each his lover.
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