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How can you do this to yourself Ianto? Chapter 10

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Angst
Rating: NC-17 can vary through out chapters
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: suicide attempt, self harm
Summary: Ianto's past is comeing back to haunt him
and jack doesnt no what todo
he is just there to comfort him
This chapter was tough for me, most of this is through experiance, just not as serious.
i own none of the characters but if i did i would be rich :D

"IANTO!" Jack fell to his kneese infront of his lover, he was slumped against the bath his head lolled on his chest, his breathing shallow, "please Ianto, please wake up, wake up PLEASE!" Jack screamed at him slaping the side of his face to wake him up, nothing happend, He could feel his throat tightening as he got no response from his partner he picked the bandage up that was ammong the mirror shards and shook it, removing the bits of mirror, he quickly tightend it around his arm, "please hurry Owen" he prayed to himself, to anybody that was listening he led Ianto on his side pushing the shards of mirror away from him.
Five minits later there was a thumping at the door befor Owen barged in and streight to the bathroom "whats happend Jack status report, pronto" Owen threw down his medicle bag and opened it rummaging for needles and fluid, Jack stood shakeing in the door way "I dont no Owen everything was fine, i was only makeing toast he was still asleep, then a heard him scream, and this is how i found, him he said he was sorry" Jack slumped down the wall pulling his head resting on his knees "I'm sorry Jack but there isnt much i can do, he needs to go to hospital" he connected an IV line, and hooked it on the back of the bathroom door, Jack looked up at his lover his eyes widening "Owen he's not breathing" Owen sprung in to action "call the ambulance, tell them he has stopped breathing and i have started CPR" Owen rolled Ianto onto his back and lifted his head "you aint dyeing on me now you bastard!" he hissed between gritted teeth and began to pound into Iantos chest, his elbows locked and his fingers linked together, Jack got up and ran from the room his phone pressed to his ear, he couldnt bear it, he couldnt bear to his his lover, pretty much dead, its to soon, to soon.

"Ianto i no you can hear me, i hope you can hear me, you cant go not yet, you cant leave us like this, you, you cant leave Jack, your the best thing on this planet for him, i hate to say it but Ianto your family now, your my tea boy nobody else's" he could feel his eyes well up as time ticked by and still no help appeared "JACK FUCKING HARKNESS WERE ARE YOU!" Owen spat Jack didnt respond, the faint sound of vomiting could be heard coming from the kitchen "oh great" Owen mumbled "you see what you have caused, now Jacks being sick" swet began to form on his forehead now, he had been doing CPR for five minits, the sound of the ambulance could be heard coming up the street "helps here mate" foot steps thundered up the stairs "IN HEAR!" owen yelled the front door flew open and running could be heard through the flat "THE BATHROOM" Owen yelled again.
"Whats happened Doctor Harper" A familiar face ran through the door from when he worked at the hospital, "over dose and deep lacerations to his arm, he stopped breathing roughly six minits ago, started CPR straight away, has an IV line." "okay doctor we will take over now, you have done splendidly" Owen snorted "its my job" he left the room in search of Jack.

Jack was slumped in the corner of the kitchen, a waste basket sat next to him filled with his stomach contents, the doctor sat next to him on the floor and put his arm around his shoulders pulling him in close so the captain could rest his head on his shoulder "you okay Jack" Owens voice came out silk soft, the captain didn't say anything he just took a deep breath and released it slowly, "i feel the same way buddy, i feel the same way" "Come on we need to get ready they will be leaving with Ianto soon" Jacks eyes grew wide "IANTO, you left him alone, you ideot" Jack moved to stand up but Owen restrained him "its okay Jack the crew in there i trust with my own life, i worked with them befor i joined torchwood, now come on get somethings together" he slapped jacks leg and stood up and rushed back to the bathroom, in honesty he didnt want to leave his coworkers side.
"we ready lads" Owen asked from the door way the blonde haired man looked up at him, blood smeared his hands, "we have just got him stable but we have to go now, you can follow behind" the doctor nodded and turned to look at jack who was stood in the bedroom looking at the pile of clothes he had dumped on the bed, the poor man was lost everything was out of his controll, he was useless, Owen took sympathy "sit down, ill get your clothes, the hole time Jack had been running around in just his white t-shit and boxers, The doctor reached into the pile of cloths and took out a pair of jeans a and a fresh t-shirt and white shirt, put these on quickly" The ambulance crew apeared at the door with Ianto wrapped up in a white blacket led on a stretcher, the blonde haired medic looked at Owen "we will see you at the hospital doctor Harper" he nodded his head and led the team from the flat "come on now quickly, i havnt asked which hospital" he felt like punching himself what a rookie mistake.
Owen and Jack ran out of the building, Jacks trousers wernt done up nor did he have his socks and shoes on, his face was a red puffy mess and his hands shook violently, the ambulance had just left the front of the bulding and was still in sight, the way Owen drove they didnt loose the ambulance once, they pulled up outside of St Hellens hospital, Owen abandoning the car in the disabled area, they headed straight for the front desk, Owen flashed his Torchwood badge "Ianto Jones were is he" he wasn't in the mood for messing "I'm sorry sir weight one moment" she turned to the couple that were stood next to them in line, "Torchwood, were is ianto jones" he flashed his badge again, acknowledging the couple next to him with a grim smile "I'm sorry sir but this couple was here first, I am dealing with them" she turned back to the couple, That was when Owen lost his cool, slamming his hand into the plastic window he lent down to eye level with the nurse "i have just done CPR for five minits on this man i have dressed the gashes that have litterd his arm, i am his doctor, NOW TELL ME WERE HE IS, YOU FOOL!" his voice echoed around the hospital his eyes a deathly black the couple next to him moved away gesturing for him to go first there eyes wide with fear he turned and smiled at them again "thankyou" he breathed.
The nurse let out an exasperated sigh and tapped at her computer "Ianto Jones is on the third floor in critical condition, in the psychiatric ward, ask at the desk for directions to his bed" she smiled un plesantly and shooed them away apologising to the original customers.
They didn't get much hassle on the third floor if anything they looked more scared of Owen then anything, it made Owen happy. "Mr Jones is in the process of having his stomach pumped so if you would be kind enough to sit in the weighting area, a doctor will be over to talk to you shortly" the young doctor turned away from Owen and walked away, a little tremble in her hands. Jack stood silently behind the doctor fiddling with the hem of his shirt sleeve.
The weighting room was deserted, just how Owen liked it, "Owen i'm scared" Jack whispered the doctor looked at him sympatheticaly "I'm scared to Jack, we will get through this, Ianto will get through it to, and we will all get back to normal again, Ianto will have the help he needs, and you will have the help you need because we will have Ianto back, right i have to go and call Toshiko, will you be okay on your own for a while?" the captain nodded his head. "okay mate, wont be long"

A Doctor appeared in green scrubs ten minits later, "sir are you Dr Owen Harper?" Jack looked up startled "No I'm Jack Harkness I'm Iantos boyfriend" the doctor nodded his head, "Ok, well i have come to tell you, Ianto will be okay, your free to see him, he is still asleep though i may add, but he will be just fine" The doctor smiled warmly "I will talk to his doctor though about future treatment then he can explain it to you, its for his own good" the doctor turned and walked away, Jack quickly stood up and ran down the corridor to Iantos private room, care of Torchwood, He cautiously opened the door, Ianto was pale, almost to pale, a thin white sheet coverd his slender body blending in with the colour of his skin, his arms were securly strapped to the bed, why? Jack didnt like that, he ran to the bed and began to undo the straps "no Ianto this is wrong you cant be tied down, you dont like that, its wrong" Owen appeared in the door "Jack stop you cant do that, its protocol, he must be restrained" " no Owen Ianto wont like that it will scare him it will scare him" he managed to get the first strap undone he went to move around the bed, Owen stopped him grabbing him by the sholders, the hole of jacks body shuck he was sweating, shock was setting in, "Jack you need to sit down and take deep breaths" "NO I need to undo that strap it will scare him, it must be undone" he moved to push past Owen "no Jack you musnt" he pushed jack to the chair in the corner of the room by Iantos head "sit down captain" Owen orderd, his voice wasnt soft any more it was graverly and hoars, Jacks legs gave out from beneath him.
The room filled with loud sobs and yells.
Jack had broke
chapter 11-<a href="">

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