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How can you do this to yourself Ianto? Chapter 11

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Angst
Rating: NC-17 can vary through out chapters
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: suicide attempt, self harm
Summary: Ianto's past is comeing back to haunt him
and jack doesnt no what todo
he is just there to comfort him

I own none of the characters, sadly :( nor do I own Phantom of the opera 'bawls' :'( I wish I did, Mild phantom of the opera, paragraph from 'Phantom of the opera, wandering child'

"Owen you arnt going to belive this, i did what you said and traced back Iantos calls and cctv, I got a hit on both" Tosh sounded Sad and exited at the same time, The doctor Raised a hand up to his mouth to stiffle a sob, "Ianto has been reciveing threatening phone calls and texts, its been going on for months"
Owen stood out side the hospital, Jack was asleep in Owens car, He had become hysterical and Owen thought it un safe to leave him alone in the hospital with Ianto, "What have theese messages been saying Tosh" his hands shook as he held the Phone to his ear, his resolve was crumbling, he needed to stay strong for the team, For Jack. "There quite childish realy, One said 'I no were you live' another said 'you fucked up queer' One quite shockingly said 'your boyfriend deserves a real Man not a man as weak as you, you fuck up, I wish you died with your Father'" Tosh's voice cracked and she let out a sob, Owen did the same but tried to hide it, Owen took a deep Breath "And the cctv" he whipped his hand across his face to be rid of the tears "There has been a Woman following them around the bay Area, from Iantos flat to the hub, and from the Hub to his flat, If he is in a car so is she, if he is walking then She is no more than ten feet behind them, She even followed them to the warf for lunch, Who is this Woman Owen, do you think its His Mother" The doctor took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, "I'm Almost positive it is Tosh, can you send me an image of her to my Phone, and i will call you later ok sweet heart" Tosh smiled "shore thing Owen" she sniffed and hung up, an Image apearing on his phone two secounds later.
A woman about five foot six took up his screen, she had Pitch black Hair that swarmed her face, her eyes were set deep in her head, and wrinkles surrounded her mouth and eyes, She was far from prettty, and was destroying Iantos life, She must have been atleast fifty, and has dedicated her life to bringing Ianto down peice by peice, and low and behold she was succeeding. Owen moved to his car to the passinger side door and opened it startling Jack Awake, "Sorry Mate i have more infomation on Ianto" Jack face turned to fear "Dont worry he is fine" a small smile traced Owens lips, but his eyes were still sad, he passed his phone to Jack for him to take alook at the picture "Who is this Owen" The doctor pointed at the Phone "That is Iantos Mother, She has been stalking him for months"

"Hey Baby its me Again, are you going to wake up for me" Jack coxed at his Partner, He had a tight grip on Iantos Hand he wanted to be able to remove the straps if Ianto panicked, he new he would. "Come on sweet heart, your killing me" Jack could feel his lip start to tremble and his eyes get teary, He shouted at himself mentaly 'For god sake man, sort it out, you have lived for hundreds of years you have been in worse situations, whats so diuffrent!' he new the answer 'Iantos whats diffrent' He didnt no what todo so he started to sing, belting out the words for everyone to hear, this was how he felt, this was how he felt his life was becoming, and he needed to stop it, Fast

"wandering child so lost so helpless yearning for my guidence,
Angel or father friend or phantom who is it there stareing,
Have you forgoten your Angel,
Angel oh speak what endless longing echoing this whisper,
To long you've wanderd in winter far from my fathering gaze,
Wildly my mind beats against you,
You resist, yet your sole obeys,
Angel of music i denied you turning from true beauty"

"Oh Ianto what have i done" He panted into his sleave his Arm resting on Ianto's bed his Face pressed into his sleave, "i could have prevented this its so STUPID" Owen walked into the room, he carried Rank hospital coffee in polastiren cups, " I heard you singing down at the canteen" Owen spoke gently looking at the captain with worry "Ianto likes my singing, He likes me to sing Phantom of the opera its his favourite musical, he feels like he can relate to how the phantom feels, He calls himself the angel in hell, I'm starting to think its true" Jack bowed his head in defeat.
Owen sighed "dont think like that Jack, He'll get there, It just takes time, He is in the best place Now, Let the experts do there work, ok" He smiled reasuringly at the older man "I hope your right Owen"
Chapter 12-

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