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Finding Truth in My Existence

Title: Finding Truth in My Existence

Crossover: Torchwood/Twisted Showcase (Peter and Paul)

Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Paul/Jess

Characters: Torchwood team, and pairings listed above

Disclaimer: Russell T. Davies owns Torchwood and ‘Peter and Paul’ is owned by Twisted Showcase. So basically, don’t sue me because you wouldn’t get much anyway.

Warnings: Possible spoilers for S1-3 Torchwood-mainly for character background, spoilers for episode ‘Peter and Paul’ of web series Twisted Showcase, M/M pairing but nothing explicit, talk of abortion, some swearing.

Rated: PG-15

Summary: When a voice in Paul’s head told him to convince Jess to carry her pregnancy to term, he only slightly questioned his sanity. That all changed after he watched her get sucked through a rift in time and space before the child could be born. However, the biggest question is, what does it have to do with Ianto Jones, the well mannered, unassuming Archivist/Tea boy extraordinaire of Torchwood 3? More importantly, can Jack and team Torchwood save him from himself?

Tags: fanfic

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