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Wandering Eyes

Title: Wandering Eyes
Author: wavingkilts
Prompt: This was a fill for a prompt on fic_promtly;Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, "You're doing it again." from badly_knitted (DreamWidth)
Notes: No spoilers it was just a bit of fun really! This is the first thing I have ever done on the comm and it was really fun! The amount of lonely prompts unfilled was amazing! Anyway do enjoy!
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or anything else!
Summary: Jack has some fun with Ianto in the abandoned barn

“Jack you're doing it again.”


“I told you, eyes on the road, hands to yourself when you're driving.”

“You've never complained before?” Jack whined as he removed his hand from Ianto's thigh, his eyes on the wet country road as the rain hammered heavily on the roof of the SUV. Ianto rolled his eyes with a small smirk.

“Because you never heard me.”

Jack grinned slyly, his eyes briefly leaving the road again, as he glanced at Ianto saying over the banging on the roof,

“Well you certainly never objected, or you'd have removed my hand yourself.”

“Shut up.” Ianto murmured in good nature, his arms crossing over his chest as he looked ahead, a small pink tinge appearing in his cheeks as he blushed slightly at the comment. “Let's just get whatever it is Tosh's Rift monitor picked up.”

Jack nodded, the windscreen wipers, battling hard against the rain. Jack sighed heavily, leaning back in his seat as they kept searching for the abandoned barn, in which the Rift decided to spit something out in.


“You take that side... I'll take this side.” Ianto said gesturing to the left and the right for the both of them. Jack nodded, torch being switched on, gun at the ready if he needed it. They knew what they were looking for. A small silvery oval shaped... thing? Of course Ianto had rolled his eyes, as Jack told him the information in which Tosh had given him from the safety of the hub.

Ianto wondered around the rusting machinery, treading carefully as not to stand on any rusted nails or dodgy wiring. He didn't fancy being electrocuted in the middle of nowhere. The wind raged outside, the rain batting hard on the corrugated iron roofing. His blue eyes followed the torch light wishing the small object to appear sooner rather than later.

“Ianto! Ianto over here I think I have found it!”

With that the Welshman dodged the old machinery and old wiring, running towards Jack's echoing voice, hoping the other man had found the object and they could head home. He saw Jack waving him over.

“It's to tight a squeeze for me.” Jack said quietly as Ianto neared. The Welshman glared half heartedly, looking at the clutter Jack had clearly tried to squeeze through to grab the oval shaped silvery thing. Sighing, he knelt down frowning as he looked over at Jack,

“If these trousers get ruined you can buy me a new pair to match the jacket.”

Jack shrugged, pushing away the smirk that was threatening to slip onto his lips. Seeing Jack nod, Ianto sighed heavily, stretching into the gap. Jack bit his lip. Truth was he already picked up the device that had taken them to this place in the downpour of the year... he just wanted an excuse to look at the Welshman's bum.

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