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Rogue Starfish

Title: Rogue Starfish
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: G
Length: 708
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, OC'S, mentions the team briefly
Warnings/Spoilers: Nothing much really
Author notes: This is for the prompt: Sea Life from
fan_flashworks! Its been quite fun to write and hope it ties in with the prompt haha!
Summary: Jack gets into a spot of trouble

Ianto frowned in wonder, as he stood in front of a man in the small sea life section of the aquarium. His eyes showed no sympathy for him either, just anger. He had warned Jack not to make a joke of the situation.

“Rogue starfish...” He said. “No problem...” He said.

“I told you to take this seriously. Now you have to face the team with a shrieking starfish firmly attached to your stupid face.” He said, the anger slowly whittling away the more he looked at Jack's current predicament. It was rather funny seeing, the prideful leader of Torchwood Three with a rogue, shrieking starfish firmly stuck on his face. Ianto managed with a great deal of difficulty not to laugh as Jack tried to defend himself...

“Mmmph mmph!”

Ianto rolled his eyes, pulling a blind Jack up by the arm and leading him out. Ianto had managed to removed all of the visitors to the aquarium out of the small room, successfully closing half of the aquarium down, leaving only the large marine animals to see. He and Jack walked slowly towards the reception area, where they were met by a lovely woman named Karen. She smiled sympathetically in Jack's direction, even though he could neither see nor thank her.

“There is no need to be sympathetic, he got himself into this mess. Anyway, it seems the water in the starfish tanks has been contaminated with some kind of unknown component. The sorting of the water won't be to difficult. It's the catching of the crazy shrieking starfish that may cause a problem.”

And with that Karen gathered a team of people and got Operation: Rogue Starfish under way with a little guidance from Ianto before he departed with Jack in tow.

“Owen's going to have a field day.” Ianto muttered with a rather long sigh, staring at Jack intently, the bright orange starfish having a whale of a time, its incessant shrieking drowned out by the high sea winds of the late afternoon.


The cog door rolled over, the alarms sounding as Ianto led Jack in, managing to tell his lover about most of the steps and other things he was likely to trip over. At the sound of the shrieking from the starfish, the three team members that sat monitoring Rift activity in the hub, turned to the door. The first one to crack was Owen, his laughter ringing out over the noisy starfish. Ianto smirked as Jack's shoulders slumped.

With great difficulty the managed to get to the level of Jack's office and the work places of the team. Gwen turned her chair away, pulling her hair from behind her ear to cover her grin, struggling to cover up a giggle that was surging its way through her. Tosh seemed composed enough despite the smile on her face as she turned to face her boss. She was sure he'd be glaring if he could see.

“That's a very fetching colour, maybe you should wear orange more often.”

“Mmmmph mmph!” grumbled Jack as he tugged on Ianto's sleeve. After his ordeal with the team, feeling even more humiliated than he already did, Jack had locked himself away in his office, refusing to be the subject of his teams laughter.

Four hours later Jack emerged from his office, face red, small sucker marks splattering his face, eyes red from the exposure to the salty water lingering on the hideous beasts body. The team was now reduced to Tosh and Ianto, which made him feel somewhat relieved, Owen had had far to much fun at his expense... he could hear the laughter through the glass.

Frowning, holding the now rather crusty starfish in his hand he said,

“I have no idea what people see in these things... they're dangerous. Sea life should stay where it belongs.”

“And where might that be?” Ianto said, standing behind Tosh's chair with a smirk. Tosh giggled as Jack scowled, dropping the beast on Tosh's desk, stomping away.

“Far away from me!”

“Well that rules out one place I wanted to take him.” Ianto sighed causing Tosh to look over her shoulder at him with a questioning look.

Ianto grinned.

“Sea World.”
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