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Hope, Chapter 3

Fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood/Primeval/BBC Sherlock/Supernatural

Series: Hope

Part 1:
Part 2:

Chapter: 3

Warning/s: Slash, AU

Authors' Note: I'm posting this unbetaed, but if anyone's interested, let me know.

Summary: The Doctor has a Pocket Watch, The Master has a Pocket Watch, Ianto has a Stopwatch, But why a Stopwatch, why not a Pocket Watch like them. Contains MAJOR Spoilers for Children of Earth. Also, I'm not mean to Gwen.

Before The Doctor had managed two steps towards his TARDIS, he stopped, from the direction of the young man being held by Jack, a familiar sound could be heard. It was low, but distinct, and slowly getting louder.

Looking down, they noticed that the stopwatch Gwen had recently returned to Ianto was once again glowing, but unlike the brilliant, pulsating, glow of before, This one had a sequence, flashing on and off.

Slowly, the Doctor approached the still confused young man and reached out.

"May I see that...please." He had attached the slight plea to the end of his sentence, trying not to scare the newly discovered Timelord.

Ianto hesitated, looking to Jack for guidance, and only relinquishing the stopwatch when the older man nodded.

For a few seconds, everything was still except for The Doctors' hands, which where quickly and efficiently running the sonic screwdriver over the broken watch. Finally, with a soft exclamation, The Doctor pressed a small section on the back. For a couple more seconds, nothing happened, then, suddenly, a holographic figure, about half the size of a human popped up. It was a woman, A Time Lady, The Doctor vaguely recognised her, but he couldn't really put a name to the face looking at him, though he remembered the damage from Dalek attacks peppering the wall behind her from his time during the war.

"Hello." The woman started unsurely. "My name is...Well, it doesn't really matter now does it. Truth is, I'm barely a Time Lady yet, less than a year really." At this she paused, hers eyes seemed to dull for a few seconds, before a large, obviously false smile spread across her face. "At the moment, The Gallifreyan High Council is still telling the rest of the planet that we are close to winning the war against the Daleks, but even amongst those not part of the Time Lords, these words are wearing thin. By the time someone, preferably a surviving Time Lord, I will probably be counted amongst the dead... although I have been labeled a deserter by some people already, I need you to know, I never deserted the war, indeed, once I've finished what I need to do, I will return to the front will the others who helped me do this."

For a moment, she paused to wipe her eyes.

"As I said, Even with the High Councils' assurances, we are not winning this war, so me, and some others have started... a project, it's small, and we don't know how many we can save, but even if it's only a small percentage, we're saving some of our people. It's harsh, and who knows how painful it will be for some of them, but they'll survive, they'll be safe, away from this war, and from almost certain death. At the moment, due to the fact that there are currently more TARDISs' than Time Lords, and the knowledge that most of them are deep underground, and believed to be in safer areas than most, The TARDISs' have very little guarding them. It did take some doing, but I was able to link up a communication with the eldest TARDIS. For generations, the TARDISs' have cared for and protected their Timelords."

Stopping again, the woman took a small mouthful from an almost empty water container.

"Including, at times, letting them use a 'Chameleon Arch' to hide themselves. For the next few days, we are going to be collecting and finding children, any children. Before we can use The Arch though, we must subject them to one more cruelty in order to save their lives. The Arch can only be used on Timelords, we can not use them on just any Gallifreyan. We must expose the children to the Untempered Schism, which, while not impossible, will be harder to access than the TARDISs', so if the time comes, and you, whichever Timelord this message reaches, have found these children, please understand, while they register as Timelords, a lot of them have either never been to The Academy, or they have only had an incomplete education. As much as I hate it, we may end up causing these children a lot of terror and pain, but we will save them. They will survive this war, even as we die."

This time, the pause was used to take a small bite out of an ugly looking, brown ration bar.

"So, if you have found this message, we have succeeded, we have sent as many children as we could possibly put through the Arch, young Timelords, as different races, different species, spread through time and space, but safe from the war raging around us. How many we could save, we will probably never know, but with the people we have helping us, and the TARDISs' not in combat willing to give up every drop of energy to their Chameleon Archs to save these children, we will have succeeded in our efforts."

There was a soft clatter as The Doctors' Screwdriver fell limply from his hand as the hologram faded away.

"That's impossible, I would have known, I should have known." The Doctors' voice seemed to come from somewhere far away from himself for a few seconds, as though the confusion from more than one incarnation was echoing inside his mind.

His thoughts were quickly interrupted by a nervous sounding Jack.

"Doctor, how do we find them all, and how dangerous is it to have untrained Timelords running around." The Doctor looked at him, and the young, perhaps completely untrained Timelord, still practically hiding in his arms.

"I'm not sure Jack, I've never heard of it happening, so I really don't know... Interesting, isn't it?"

The smile almost belayed the worried look in his eyes.

Tags: fanfic, fanfic:pg-13, fanfic:series

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