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Phela: The Beginning: CH 7

Title: Phela: The Beginning: Bonding
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto/OFC
Rating: Teen (for now)
Spoilers: Seasons 1 and 2
Summary: Jeannie was a lab-rat at the tender mercies of Torchwood London, but then the Battle of Canary Wharf happened, and she escaped to Cardiff. This is her story.
Disclaimer: RTD/BBC etc own anything recognizably Torchwood, everything else is mine.

A/N: Red Shoe Kitty is an awesome beta; she also has several stories of her own, go read!

The drive from the Hub to the St. David's hotel took very little time. After allowing the valet to take their car keys, the three soon-to-be mates grabbed their bags, and headed to the counter to get checked in. Ianto, having been the one who made all of the arrangements, whipped out his ID card, and presented it to the young woman behind the counter. While he was occupied with the receptionist, Jack and Jeannie looked around the lobby with interest, trying to curb their impatience. They seemed to have a sixth sense, however, because as soon as Ianto turned around to face them, swipe cards in hand, he found himself bustled into the waiting elevator with his impatient mates. He presses the correct button for the floor, then studiously watches the numbers ascend as they rise. Once they arrive at their suite, they look around a bit, all three casting an interested look at the rather large Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. Jack peruses the room service menu, and makes a quick call with his selections. He then strips off his greatcoat, carefully hanging it in the closet alongside the other two coats.

Jeannie is out on the balcony, looking with glazed eyes into the sunset when Jack joins her. "I ordered some snacks for us." Jeannie's head snaps around to meet his gaze, startled. Jack chuckles, reaching out to gently massage her shoulders. "Relax, none of us will do anything we don't all like; I promise." Jeannie sighs as those nimble fingers release the knots in her shoulders. "I know; just not sure where to start. I'm following instincts here, which is not something I do often. I just don't want to mess this up, you know?"

Watching quietly from the doorway, Ianto smiles. "You won't 'mess this up' Jeannie. We're in this with you…forever." Two pairs of shocked eyes meet his when he finishes speaking. "That is what the life-bond is, yeah? Linking all of our life-forces together, making it so that we can be together forever?" Ianto's brows form a worried line, "Or am I wrong?" Jeannie grins happily, "No, you're right. I'm fairly sure you are, anyway." Jack relaxes, and gently tugging her hand, leads Jeannie back inside. On their way past Ianto, Jack snags his hand as well, leading them both to the sitting area just as room service arrives.

As the cart is wheeled in, Jeannie and Ianto share a glance, then both look over what Jack considered 'snacks'. By the time Jack has finished escorting the delivery man to the door, they have removed the lids, and are happily picking and choosing what looks the best.

Once all three are fed and watered, they settle onto the couch; Jeannie is in the middle, with Jack to her left, and Ianto to her right. Looking into her drink, Jeannie takes a deep breath, and starts to speak. "There's no going back after we start this. No stopping in the middle, no taking a break to rethink things. We all need to be absolutely certain that this is what we want, because we can't undo it once it's done. This will link us; not only our life forces, but we will also be linked empathically and telepathically." Ianto looks at her in curiosity; "So, we can chat with each other in private, and sense each other's emotions, is that what you mean?" "Yes. We can build mental 'walls' and 'doors' to keep things like surprises a secret, but for the most part, we'll live in each other's back pockets. I know I want this. It just feels right to me." Ianto nods, "Me too!" He looks at Jack, "I want forever with both of you." Jack looks at them both, and nods as well; "Me three!" He gives a mega-watt grin, his eyes shining in happiness, "It feels right to me, too. What do we need to do?"

Taking another deep breath, Jeannie says, "We follow our instincts, they should guide you to the right place. We need to mark each other, here." She gently touches each of her mates on the juncture between neck and shoulder. "We must break the skin; it will leave a permanent scar. Yes, Jack, even on you! Kind of fitting that your first scar in over a century is going to come from your mates." Jack chuckles in surprise and happiness. "While we are marking each other, we open our minds as well; the bond will form on its own from that point; we'll just be along for the ride, because beyond that, I have no idea what's going to happen." All three look at each other in anticipation, and decide to strip down to underwear to be more comfortable. And to bare the needed bits of skin for marking.

The mates settle in the center of the king-size bed, with the covers folded neatly at the foot. Jeannie reaches to Jack, her fingers trembling a bit, and lays them upon his temple while she opens her mind to him. When she feels his shields drop, she presses a soft kiss to his lips, keeping her eyes open to watch his reaction. His eyes widen, and then he lays his hand upon Ianto's temple, breaking the kiss with Jeannie in order to place his own kiss upon Ianto's lips. Ianto's shields drop and the three find themselves in another place. A wide open space surrounds them, not that they notice. Jeannie, reeling from the sensation of having both of her mates in her mind, latches onto Jack's neck, biting down sharply and drawing blood. The flavor rushes over her tongue, sending chills shuddering down her spine. She feels Jack latch onto her neck in the same place; a split second later, Ianto bites on the other side of her neck, and Jeannie's vision whites out. When her sight returns, she is being cradled by both of her mates. She immediately sits up, and latches onto Ianto's neck, with Jack biting the other side. When Ianto recovers, he marks Jack's neck, on the opposite that Jeannie marked. Minutes, or perhaps hours, later, the newly bonded mates make love. Gasps shoot forth from lips, shudders run down spines, and toes curl in ecstasy.

When the lovers wake, mid-morning sun is streaming through the open curtains. Jack grabs the phone to order a full fry-up for all of them, and they spend the remainder of their bonding vacation exploring and getting to know each other.

Back at the Hub

Tosh calls Suzie over to her station, and points to the CCTV feed of the plas: PC Gwen Cooper is standing at the water tower, staring at it. Suzie shakes her head. "Ignore her for now, there is no way that I'm gonna disturb them just for her!" Tosh agrees, "Yeah, but we'd better not use the lift until they get back." Suzie strides over to the medical bay. "That PC is hanging about the water tower, so we need to avoid that area until Jack and company return." Owen nods, and then gets back to his autopsy.


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