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Phela: The Beginning: CH 9

Title: Phela: The Beginning: The Way It Is
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto/OFC
Rating: Teen (for now)
Spoilers: Seasons 1 and 2
Summary: Jeannie was a lab-rat at the tender mercies of Torchwood London, but then the Battle of Canary Wharf happened, and she escaped to Cardiff. This is her story.
Disclaimer: RTD/BBC etc own anything recognizably Torchwood, everything else is mine.

A/N: Red Shoe Kitty is awesome. Thanks for the favorites and reviews.

A/N: I tend to be 1-2 chapters ahead on writing; once I get them back for my beta's grubby little paws, I post them.

It had been a quiet week for Torchwood; the rift seemed to be sleeping, and the weevils were staying in their sewers. This allowed the team to catch up on the mountain of paperwork that always played second fiddle when the faeces was hitting the fan, much to Jack's sorrow. His pile was always the biggest, even with his mates looking through all of it to lessen his workload. Having a new, and apparently adoring, team member wasn't really helping much. Although, it did allow her to learn the systems enough so that she would at least recognize the programs.

Deciding that they work-day was over, Jack stood up and went to lean on the railing outside his office. "Okay team; wrap it up, go home, get drunk, whatever. Enjoy a nice peaceful night off; we'll call you in if the world ends." He watches as the team grabs their gear and runs out; an early night is not normal for Torchwood, so they are definitely going to make the most of it.

A couple of hours later, the mates are sitting around the table in the board room, having relocated there to work on Jack's paperwork, when Ianto heads down to make another round of coffee and order dinner. He is roaming around the base of the water tower when the door to the garage opens silently and Gwen enters. Looking at her quizzically, he says, to her shocked countenance, "Was there something you needed Gwen?" "Ianto! What are you doing here? I needed to talk to Jack." Feeling a shiver come through the bond, he glances up at the board room and shakes his head. "Sorry, he's a bit occupied at the moment; anything I can do for you?" Huffing in annoyance, Gwen looks at the board room window, and her jaw drops. Jack has Jeannie pressed up against the glass, her legs wrapped around his waist, and his hips grinding against hers while they kiss messily.

Ianto sighs quietly. "Gwen, this is our time; we live here, together. The whole team knows this, Jeannie even told you about this, so why are you acting so surprised?" Gwen's mouth snaps shut as her cheeks flush. She turns around, and leaves the same way she came in.

Looking back up at the window, Ianto shakes his head in amusement…and maybe a little lust…and then heads up to the tourist office to retrieve their dinner.

While they eat, Ianto mentions Gwen's appearance, which has Jack rolling his eyes, and Jeannie grumbling, "She needs to realize what she has at home, and stop mooning over you, Jack!" Jack agrees. "I'll talk with her in the morning; now, can we get this done? I wanna go to bed." Jack bats his eyelashes playfully, sending a caress out along the bond and making his mates shiver.

The following morning…

As soon as Gwen puts her bag away at her desk, Jack calls her into his office. Looking thrilled, she tugs her blouse down a little further, and then rushes up the stairs, her breath catching when he closes the door behind her. He waves her into the chair in front of his desk, and then settles into his own chair, he steeples his fingers in front of his chin while he regards her solemnly. Taking in her attire and expression, he sighs. "Gwen, I am taken. I am a very happily mated man, and my mates are getting fed up with how you act around me. I'm getting fed up with how you act around me! You have great instincts for this job; I can see you becoming a very great asset to this team, but if you don't remember what you have at home, and stop trying to lure me in, you're gone!" Jack's lips press together into a thin line as he gives her a serious look.

Gwen gasps, and then looks down at her tightly clasped hands. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize exactly what she meant when she said that." Jack sits up in his chair, placing his folded hands on the desk in front of him. "Bull! I watched the CCTV recording of that conversation, and Jeannie very clearly stated that we are a triad, life-mated and soul-bonded. Get it together Gwen. I like you, but I will cut you loose if I have to." Her eyes a bit damp, she nods, and goes back to her desk.

Jeannie and Ianto come in quietly from the back entrance, and he lays his head against Ianto's stomach tiredly, wrapping his arms around his waist. "I hate conversations like that," he sighed. Ianto, gently running his fingers through Jack's hair, snorts. Jeannie massages his neck and shoulders, saying, "I think it's about time to tell her about me. Have retcon handy if she reacts badly, but we need to tell her about me." Jeannie chews on her lip thoughtfully. "Then I can tell her what I 'saw' in the cell that night." Jack and Ianto share a look, and then both turn to face Jeannie, wrapping their arms around her. As the three cuddle, Gwen watches them, and her eyes widen in understanding.

After the detritus from lunch is cleared away, Jeannie asks Gwen to stay behind for a talk. Feeling put-upon, Gwen snaps, "What?! The other two already had their say, now you've gotta have yours too, is that it?" Raising an eyebrow, Jeannie replies, "Not at all; my boys know how to take care of themselves quite well, they don't need me for that. This is something else; now if you are quite finished with your tantrum, please be seated." Huffing in annoyance, Gwen seats herself across from Jeannie; folding her hands on the table in front of herself, she looks at Jeannie expectantly. "I'm going to give you some of my history. I feel that it's time for you to know more about me. I'm not human anymore." Gwen's eyes widen in shock. "Anymore?" Jeannie nods, her gaze never leaving Gwen's. "I was born human, and then the rift took me. The creatures on the other side changed me, and then I escaped to Torchwood London." Jeannie shudders as she remembers. "That wasn't really much of an escape; but Ianto got me out of there and then brought me here. Since then, the changes seem to have completed. But that's a story for another day; for now, all you need to know is that when I touch someone, I can 'see' their possibilities. I can 'see' where they'll end up, along with the high points of their lives while they get there. I can 'see' when a decision will cause them to detour from that path. I 'looked' at your possibilities when you were in that cell, Gwen." Gwen's mouth hangs open for a few moments before snapping shut. "So, you're an alien?" Jeannie replies calmly, "If, by 'alien' you mean non-human DNA, then yes. But think about that part later, right now I need to tell you what I 'saw'." Gwen thinks about this for a moment. "Okay then, what did you see?"

Jeannie, realizing that Gwen doesn't really believe what she is hearing, continues anyway. "You have two paths that you're most likely to take; both will lead to a long life, dying of old age. But they differ in the way you get to that age. In one, you're happy, surrounded by your family: children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and close friends. In the other, you die alone, disowned by your family, with no friends. A choice you make now, in this part of your life, is what will determine which future you get: the happiness, or the loneliness. That decision involves you embracing your boyfriend, and forgetting about the other people you find yourself attracted to. I can't make the decision for you, only you can do that, but I really hope that you choose long-term happiness, not a short-term itch-scratcher."

Gwen looks to be in deep shock at what she has just heard. Jeannie stands up and, squeezing Gwen's shoulder gently, turns and leaves the room.

A/N: Reviews are wonderful, and allow me to answer questions about the story, and about the characters as I see them.


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