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06 August 2019 @ 10:23 pm
Come Back To me 10/?  

Author: missthingsplace
Parings/characters:Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Andy, OC's
Disclaimer:I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while.
Summary:Ianto has an accident and Jack's world is thrown out of kilter.
Warnings:Do you watch Torchwood?
Spoilers:Anything is fair game
Rating:G - NC17 for series

Jack downed the glass of scotch and motioned to the barmaid that he required another, downing that just as fast. Gwen caught his arm before he could make the same gesture, picked up her pint, along with the pint of water Jack had also requested and tugged him towards an empty table.

“Sit,” she instructed him. “Getting out of your head isn't going to resolve anything.”

“Maybe not, but I might be able to get some sleep tonight if I pass out and forget that the man I love appears to hate me.” Jack said sadly.

“Ianto doesn't hate you,” she told him softly, “he doesn't remember you, or me for that matter. As he said in his head he isn't even 16 yet and I guess the thought that he's involved with a man is scary for him.”

“I know, I know,” Jack sighed, “I just wish I knew what I had to do to spark his memory.”

“As the nurse it, it could take time or it could happen tomorrow,” Gwen responded, “we just need to take each day as it comes and hope it's sooner than later,”

“But what about this woman, this Joanna?” Jack asked, “What if they see each other and ...”

“Jack, she is married with children and hasn't seen Ianto in years, she's not going to suddenly leave her family and run off with him!” Gwen smiled. “We, or even I need to gain his trust, perhaps if can eventually get him to visit the hub it might help?”

Jack nodded thoughtfully as Gwen added.

“He knows I am not a threat, I will do everything I can to help Jack, just be patient, please?”

“Sure,” Jack said, but not feeling as sure as Gwen was.

Gwen sipped at her pint, looking at her boss … friend.

“What?” Jack frowned.

“I've never seen your eyes looking so sad,” she told him honestly. “we will get him back, I promise!”

Jack nodded slowly and said again, “Sure,”

“Right, no more wallowing tonight, you are coming home with me,” Gwen stated, downing the last of her beer, “Rhys has made Lasagne and as you know he always makes far too much and if I know you, left to your own devices you won't eat anything over than crap!”

“You know me too well,” Jack told her, giving her a hint of a smile. “and yes, I could really do with some of Rhys' world famous lasagne right now.”

“I'm not sure about world famous,” Gwen chuckled by maybe in our own kitchen.”

“Right, taxi,” Gwen stated, getting to her feet with Jack following suit and leading the way out the pub into the cold air where the snow was starting to fall softly again and hailed the taxi.

“Thanks Gwen,” Jack said softly in the back of the taxi. “for keeping me sane.”

“Well, I can't have my friend losing the plot,” she told him, “I am here for you, and Rhys, anything you need.”

Jack nodded as the Taxi pulled up outside Gwen's flat, they climbed out, Jack insisted on paying and headed into the warm where the smell of the cooking lasagne hit them, helping Jack forget the nightmare of the past few days for a moment or two as he joined his friends for dinner.


Ianto picked at the meal before him, it wasn't that the hospital food was particularly bad he just wasn't feeling hungry. Too much on his mind. Pushing the small table away to the end of the bed he lay back against his pillows and stared at the ceiling.

Seeing his refection in the mirror was more of a shock than he could have ever imagined. In his head he was having so much trouble understanding that he was 31 and not 15, that his girlfriend wasn't his anymore and married with children.

But the most confusing thing was that he was apparently living with another man, that they were more than just friends. He had never had feelings for another man that he could remember and it seemed something so impossible. The best thing would be to stay away from him for now, maybe.

Ianto closed his eyes and tried to remember something, anything from the missing years. He concentrated on the woman Gwen but nothing came to him. Then he suddenly realised something, they had both said that they worked with him but they hadn't given any clue to what they did?

An imagine of Jack suddenly popped into his head and he found himself wondering why the other man dressed the way he did. Why the RAF coat? Was his grandfather in the RAF? Was it inherited from him? So many questions going around his brain that he had no answers too. Maybe he could get some answers from Gwen? She seemed to care about him too.

The door opening pulled him from his thoughts, he opened his eyes and saw a new nurse giving him a concerned look.

“Are you okay Mr Jones?” She asked, looking concerned.

“Yeah,” Ianto sighed. “Physically anyway,”

“I've been reading your notes, don't try and put it, the memories will come back when they are ready.”

“So I keep being told,” Ianto told her sadly. “and please, call me Ianto.”

“Will do Ianto,” She replied. “Now, why haven't you eaten your dinner? You need to keep your strength up.”

“Not hungry,” Ianto shrugged, “at least not for cottage pie and runner beans … I should eat more vegetables.”

A strange look came over Ianto's face, alarming the nurse.

“What's wrong?” She asked, grabbing his wrist to take his pulse.

“Nothing, I'm fine,” Ianto told her, wondering what the line about the vegetables seemed to familiar.