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The Trick Is To Keep Breathing - When it all changes: Life, Love and Family in Torchwood - Series 16

AU: When it all changes: Life, Love and Family in Torchwood.
Title: The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
Author: missthingsplace
Parings/characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, My OC's: Caden, Eloise, Dylan, Jenni, Claire, Chloe, Damien, Ianto's family.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while.
Summary: The Twins, Caden and Eloise are now 19 and working for Torchwood, a case comes up that would be perfect for them but their parents are reluctant to let them work on the field, especially Jack ... will his fear be founded?
Spoilers: Probably not, but you never know ...
Warnings: Mentions of abuse but no details.
Rating: NC17 for the series.

After dinner Caden and Eloise went off to the huge shared living room with Jamie and Sandra. Lottie excused herself, explaining that he had a headache and needed to lie down for a while and went to her room.

“So, is the food always that good?” Caden asked.

“Yeah,” Both Jamie and Sandra nodded in unison.

“So, how long have you been here?” Eloise asked.

“I've been here almost three weeks,” Jamie answered, “and Sandra, about two isn't it?”

“Yup,” she nodded. “Lottie has been here longer though, about six weeks I think.”

“So, you're not worried? That some of the kids here vanish and then turn up weeks later in an awful state?” Caden asked. “I saw it on the front page of a newspaper, I was a bit worried myself but they promised me food and a bed so I thought I would take my chances.”

“I don't think the hostel has anything to do with it,” Sandra said thoughtfully. “It seems they decide they are just unlucky, they decide to leave and then … well someone must be watching and kidnaps them when they leave I guess.”

“All sounds a tad dodgy to me,” Caden sent to his sister.

“Me too, all a bit too much of a coincidence.” Eloise sent back. “I'm beginning to think that this place is definitely the cause of those poor kids being abused and traumatised.”

“Maybe,” Caden said out loud, “I hope we're safe in here!”

“Yeah,” Eloise agreed. “It's got to be safer than the street, yeah?”

“Well, we've not tried to leave and nothing has happened to us,” Jamie answered with a smile. “and I have no intention of leaving.”

“So, how does this work? Surely they don't expect us to stay here forever?” Eloise asked. “There must be a cut off point to their help, it being a charity and then taking in kids regularly?”

“From what we have worked out,” Sandra said, “they have a very rich patron who keeps the charity going and their job is to help us find jobs and accommodation.”

“Have they done anything to help either of you with this yet?” Caden enquired.

“No,” Sandra said, suddenly feeling a little unsure about the place. “do you think we should worry?”

Caden smiled. “Nah, I'm sure it just takes a while for them to find the right interviews for jobs.”

Both Jamie and Sandra nodded thoughtfully.

“Yep, I think they should be very worried,” Caden sent to his sister. “very worried indeed.”

“Time to give our fathers another update I think,” Eloise sent back. “But not enough to worry them and have them storming in here too soon, we have no proof yet.”

“Yup,” Caden agreed.

“So,” Eloise asked, “the rules, we have to be in our rooms by 10pm but we can read or whatever, we know that one, any others?”

“No-one of the opposite sex in your room at any time,” Jamie replied, “that will get you kicked out and they expect you to keep up with personal hygiene and remembering to give your clothes to be laundered regularly.”

“Oh, and no leaving the hostel, that's a big no no,” Sandra added.

“Why?” Caden asked, curious.

“No idea, but if you do and you don't vanish they won't let you back in!” Jamie told him.

“Weird,” Eloise frowned. “I'm not sure I should have agreed to come here.”

“You'll be fine,”Jamie smiled. “Well all have jobs and somewhere to live before long and we can do whatever we want again.”

“Yeah,” replied Eloise hesitantly. “well, it's getting near bedtime, I'm going to turn in now and read for a bit.”

“Sounds good,” Caden agreed.

The small group said their good night's to each other and headed off to their own rooms. After closing their doors both Caden and Eloise activated their comms and contacted their fathers, giving them the facts they had learned.

“We should come and check the place out ourselves,” Jack stated when they had finished. “It sounds like a dangerous place,”

“No dad, we have no proof even of it does sound dodgy,” Caden stated. “you have to let us continue to investigate.”

“They're right Jack,” Ianto interjected. “we still don't know if it is connected to the hostel, they need more time.”

“Thanks Da,” Eloise sighed.

“But they could get hurt or ...” Jack trailed off, thinking about the state the missing people had turned up in.

“We are tougher than you give is credit for,” Caden replied, a little anger with his father creeping into his tone. “and there are two of us, if one is in any kind of trouble they will call out to the other.”

“Exactly!” Eloise added. “Da trusts us to be able to do the job …”

“It's not that I don't trust you ...” Jack started, then got cut off by Ianto.

“We can't keep having this same conversation Jack,” Ianto put in. “we have to let them do this, we have to treat them like the clever, capable adults they are.”

“I … Yeah,” Jack agreed reluctantly with his husband. “but please, be very careful,”

“We will,” they replied in unison and then Caden added, “Did you take Scraps to the police station?”

“Ummm, not exactly,” Jack admitted, looking over at the sleeping mutt. “We decided to keep him.”

“I thought you said no more dogs?” Eloise asked with a hint of humour in her voice.

“He's such a lovely dog and we felt so bad for him,” Ianto replied. “he's been well trained at some point in his past. We will take him to the hub when were here and not home.”

“That's brilliant,” Caden exclaimed. “I must admit I felt some kind of connection to him in the short time he was with me.”

“Well, lets get this case done and dusted and you will get to see him again,” Jack replied. “what are you both up to?”

“Were in our rooms, we have a 10pm curfew and no guests of the opposite sex in each others room,” Eloise replied. “We have made some friends but they don't know any more than we have already told you.”

“Shame, but to be expected,” Ianto replied. “get some sleep and keep safe.”

“We will Da, daddy,” Eloise replied, Caden agreeing before they said goodnight and goodbye to them, switching off their comms getting ready for bed in their separate rooms.

“So,” Gwen asked, both her and Rhys having heard the entire conversation. “You're going to trust them to do the job Jack?”

“For now,” Jack agreed rather quietly, then added, needing to lighten the mood. “right, more wine anyone?”

“Yes please,” Gwen grinned. “first night for freedom in weeks!”

They all had a small chuckle and then let themselves get back to their evening, even if some of them had niggling thoughts at the back of their minds.


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