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Come Back To me 11/?

Author: missthingsplace
Parings/characters:Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Andy, OC's
Disclaimer:I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while.
Summary:Ianto has an accident and Jack's world is thrown out of kilter.
Warnings:Do you watch Torchwood?
Spoilers:Anything is fair game
Rating:G - NC17 for series

After finally escaping the hospital Ianto found himself arriving at his sister house on one of the local housing estates, he followed her inside and through to the living room.

“Here we are,” Rhiannon said, dumping her handbag on the coffee table in the centre of the room. “you want to sit?!

Ianto nodded and lowered himself onto the sofa, he will still feeling a little weak and wobbly after his stay in hospital even though it had only been a few days. Glancing about the room he became aware of the tree in the corner of the room and the various decorations.

“It's Christmas?” Ianto asked.

“Soon, it's Christmas eve tomorrow,” she informed him, “now, the kids are with friends until teatime and Johnny is at work so he won't be home for a few hours either so if I was you I would make the most of the next few hours. Cuppa tea?”

“Yep, thanks,” Ianto replied, not sure if he actually drank it. “and a biscuit?”

“I think I can manage that,” Rhianna told him, picked up the TV remote and handed it to him, “Press the red button to turn it on and then press the button marked 'TV Guide'.”

Ianto nodded as his sister left the room, removing her coat as she went. Still feeling chilled for the winter air he kept the padded coat on that she had provided him with and did as instructed, finding a multitude of channels which he navigated though until he found something familiar.

“Tea!” Rhiannan exclaimed, handing him a large mug of tea.

Ianto took it from her hand, took a sip and tried not to grimace at the milky, overly sweet beverage.

“Thanks,” he said with a forced smile and placed it down on a coaster adorning the coffee table, “it's a bit hot at the moment.”

Rhiannon sat in one of the armchairs and looked at him thoughtfully.

“What?” Ianto frowned.

“Anything come back to you yet?” She enquired, “Anything at all?”

“No … well one thing … something, a memory I guess about being told that I need to eat more vegetables. But I have no idea who said it!” He answered.

“Man probably,” Rhiannon chuckled. “You were never one for eating your greens.”

“I guess so,” Ianto nodded. “I … did you manage to get hold of Joanna?”

“No, sorry but I could only get hold of her home number and no-one is answering,” she told him truthfully, “but it is Christmas and she and her family have probably gone to visit her parents, they moved to England somewhere … Yorkshire I think.”

“Oh, okay,” Ianto replied sadly, he was hoping to see someone he remembered from the life he remembered. “and that Jack bloke, he hasn't called?”

“No, but Gwen did, she just wanted to make sure you had been released from the hospital and that you were okay.” Rhiannon said. “But I do think that if you want to get your memory back you need to talk to both her and Jack, they both seem to play a huge part in your life.”

“Did I, can I ask you something?” Ianto said, feeling his back warm as a blush began to spread across it. “When I was, well younger, did you ever think I might be gay?”

Rhiannon gave him a big smile. “No, but did you?”

Ianto pondered the question for a moment or two. “No, not that I remember, I mean I never lusted over the boys in school, just the girls.”

“Maybe it was something you discovered as you went further into puberty,” Rhiannon suggested, with a shrug. “not that it matters to me if you like men and women.”

Ianto gave his sister a small smile. “He is handsome,” he said quietly and then went even redder making Rhiannon laugh out loud.

“He is that!” Rhiannon stated.

“Oh crap,” Ianto sighed. “but I still don't remember anything about him.”

“I am guessing it will come in time,” Rhiannon replied. “just as the doctors are predicting.”

“Do you think I should meet with him? Talk to him?” He asked his sister for advice. “Not on my own, but here, with you?”

“I can't see how it could do any harm,” she shrugged. “When?”

“Tomorrow?” Ianto suggested.

“Well, it's Christmas eve, he might be busy with family of his own, but I can ask him?” Rhiannon suggested.

“I forgot that, but yeah, can you try?” Ianto asked. “I want to be me again, I hate looking in the mirror and seeing myself older than my brain thinks, it's rather disconcerting.”

“I'll try and call him now,” Rhiannon agreed, pulled out her mobile and went off to the kitchen leaving Ianto watching yet another episode of Friends.


Jack threw a piece of dark chocolate at the circling pterodactyl circling above him and pulled his ringing phone from his pocket, a little surprised to find the call from from Ianto's sister.

“Hi,” He answered more brightly than he felt, “Captain Jack Harkness.”

“Jack, it's Rhiannon, Ianto is home with me and he's asking to see you speak with you,” she told him. “he really wants to get his memories back and he's come around to thinking that something you might say could trigger them.”

“Really! That's great news? When? I can come now?” Jack suggested.

“Hold your horses,” Rhiannon laughed. “tomorrow, Johnny and the kids will be home soon, come over in the morning, about 10? I can send them off on an errand to the supermarket.”

“Okay, I can do that,” Jack answered, feeling a little deflated.

“See you tomorrow, oh and he did say something you might like,” She told him.

“What? Tell me?” Jack insisted.

“He said that you were handsome,” she replied with some glee to her tone before cutting the call.

Jack slipped the phone back into his pocket with a huge grin on his face, if nothing else it looked like his pheromones were helping things along.

He broke another chunk of dark chocolate off and tossed it to the pterodactyl as he spoke to her.

“No need to worry, he'll be back soon.”

Jack grabbed his coat and headed back to their flat, having neglected it since the accident he wanted to clear away all the clutter before his lover came home.


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