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Come Back To me 16/?

Author: missthingsplace
Parings/characters:Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Andy, OC's
Disclaimer:I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while.
Summary:Ianto has an accident and Jack's world is thrown out of kilter.
Warnings:Do you watch Torchwood?
Spoilers:Anything is fair game
Rating:G - NC17 for series

Jack pulled up in front of Rhiannon's house, grabbed the bag on the passenger seat and climbed out into the freshly falling snow. He grumbled at it under his breath, blaming the weather for the current situation and wondering if they should move somewhere without it once Ianto was back to himself.

Rhiannon opened the door as he approached it, ushering him inside, out of the cold and closing the door behind him.

I brought some of Ianto's clothes with me,” he told her. “I had a sudden thought this morning that the only clothes of his own he has are the ones he was wearing at the time of the … accident.”

He's in the bathroom, finishing getting ready,” she answered, taking the bag from him. “those clothes were ruined, they had to cut them off him, he will be grateful for these, he had resigned himself to wearing some of Johnny's.”

Jack nodded and Rhiannon indicated that he should wait in the living room while she delivered her brothers clothing to him, they both appeared a few minutes later.

Hey,” Jack greeted the younger man with a smile.

Yep,” Ianto answered, finally wearing something other than pyjamas, dressed in black jeans, a deep red jumper and holding the warm coat Jack had added to the bag over his arm. “lets get out of here. I really need some fresh air.”

Sure,” Jack nodded. 'you're going to need that coat, it's pouring down with snow again.”

Ianto pulled on the coat, along with the gloves and hat his sister offered him and after a quick goodbye, with Rhiannon telling him to be careful and not over do it they finally made it to the car.

Nice,” Ianto stated as he buckled his seatbelt.

Nothing but the best for Torchwood,” Jack grinned, driving carefully along the snow covered roads. “are you okay? Rhiannon told me, about the dream? Has anything come back to you?”

Ianto took a deep breath. “No, not really,” Ianto sighed, his voice full of emotion, “Rhiannon told me I has a girlfriend called Lisa when I was working in London but she had died … Jack why would I be seeing her like that? In some kind of metal casing and … why would you be telling me that she has to die … that she is a monster?”

I was really hoping I wouldn't have to tell you this so soon, I hoped the good memories would help,” Jack admitted, pulling of the main road into a car park and parking the SUV at the far end. “As I told you, you worked for Torchwood one and there was a battle, a battle between two of humanities worst enemies … the Daleks and the Cybermen.”

Aliens?” Ianto interrupted with a frown on his face.

Yeah, the Cybermen arrived first and unknown to everyone they had been converting the human race into their kind,” Jack explained. “they take humans and transplant their brains into metal bodies.”

That's … that's horrible ...” Ianto stuttered. “but Lisa, she still had her body?”

They were getting desperate, rushing the way they did it,” Jack explained carefully. “she looked himan but she wasn't, they had complete control of her and … well, you loved her, you got her away from Torchwood one and got the job at Torchwood Three to try and help her … I understand why you did it, I really do but … but at the time, when we found out she was in the hub, I was so angry with you for not telling us, trusting us.”

But, if I had told you, would have tried to help? To make her human again?” Ianto asked, not sure how he was feeling.

No,” Jack replied, honestly and sadly. “once someone is converted there is no going back to how they used to be, to being human again.”

How … why didn't you fire me?” Ianto frowned,

I suspended you for a week,” Jack answered. “but within days you knew that what I had done was right, your heart was ruling your head and … once you had time to think rationally about it, you came and apologised to me, to all of us.”

The others?” Ianto asked. “they forgave me?”

Yeah,” Jack told him. “eventually.”

There were two people in the dream I don't know, a thin man and a Japanese woman? Do they work for Torchwood as well, along with you and Gwen?” Ianto asked.

They used to,” Jack told him sadly. “they are gone now … but that's a story for another day.”

Gone? You mean …?” Ianto replied.

Yeah,” Jack answered, “death by bloody Torchwood!”

Ianto did pursue the topic, he could see the hurt in the Captains eye.

It hasn't helped my memory though, the dream,” Ianto said. “I still don't remember anything.”

I really hope you don't have anymore dreams like that before your memory starts to return,” Jack told him, turning the key and igniting the SUV's engine.

Have a lot of bad things happened?” Ianto enquired.

Jack just nodded, such a sad look on his face as he did so and started back on their journey to the hub,

They rode in silence for a while, both of them lost in their own thoughts as the snow came down heavier and heavier along their journey until they arrived at their destination.

We're here.” Jack stated, pointing to the snow covered Plass.

Where?” Ianto frowned.

The 'tourist' entrance,” Jack told him with a small smile. “There's too much snow to go down to the fake Tourist information office, this will be easier.”

You sure?” Ianto asked, following him across the plass which was covered in around a foot of snow until they reached the water tower.

Yeah.” Jack told him.

Reaching it Jack used his boots to kick some of the snow off one of the slabs and then climbed upon it, gesturing Ianto to following, holding out a hand to pull him up. Ianto hesitated for a moment, confused, before taking the offered hand and stood next to him wondering what the hell was going on.

Stay close and prepared to be amazed,” Jack told Ianto with a grin, pressing a button on his wrist strap he heard the younger man give a small gasp as the slab began it's journey downwards, involuntarily finding Jack's hand again and grasping it tight as they descended.

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