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29 December 2020 @ 10:26 pm
Come Back To me 17/?  
Author: missthingsplace
Parings/characters:Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Andy, OC's
Disclaimer:I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters ... unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while.
Summary:Ianto has an accident and Jack's world is thrown out of kilter.
Warnings:Do you watch Torchwood?
Spoilers:Anything is fair game
Rating:G - NC17 for series

Ianto took a deep breath and made himself look down, gulped, grasped Jacks hand tighter and then looked upwards, realising the snow wasn't still falling down on them them and spotted that a new slab had replaced the one they were standing on in the hole it had left.

Realising he was clutching the other man's hand tight he loosened the grip but still kept a hold, eyes wide as they surveyed the large space they were descending into until the slab came to a stop. Jack reluctantly released the younger man's hand, jumped down and motioned Ianto to follow, which his did just as Myfanway swept past overhead.

Whoa!” Into exclaimed, gazing in wonder at the prehistoric creature.

Myfanway,” Jack grinned when she swooped down and passed close to them. “she remembers you.”

She's magnificent!” Ianto stated, eyes following the creature. “Do you … we, keep her confined to here?”

No, we let her out at night,” Jack explained. “she is well fed so she doesn't bother the local sheep and she always comes back before dawn.”

You've trained her? Like a dog?” Ianto chuckled.

You trained her,” Jack replied. “she trusts you more than anyone, and you did introduce her to dark chocolate.”

Do you have some? Dark chocolate?” Ianto said, never taking his gaze off her.

Yeah,” Jack grinned, reaching into the pocket of his coat and producing a bar of the finest dark chocolate. He broke off a couple of chunks and handed them to Ianto. “Just toss it in the air and she will grab it.”

Ianto did as instructed and watched as she dove instantly for the treat, swallowing it in one gulp before flying off into one of the dark corners of the hub.

She's gone to her nest, she should be resting after her night out.” Jack grinned. “You don't remember her at all?”

No, nothing,” Ianto said sadly. “Tell me more about what happened?”

Okay,” Jack nodded. “One evening shortly after you kept turning up you stepped suddenly out in front of the SUV, you're lucky I didn't run you over!”

Because of Myfanway?” Ianto asked.

Yeah, I was angry with you, I told you something along the lines of you should go back to London, that I wanted you out of Cardiff by sunrise or I would wipe your memory,” Jack told him.

Obviously I told you some thing to change your mind though?” Ianto stated.

I remember what you said word for word,” Jack grinned, you said “So, you're not gonna help me catch this Pterodactyl then?”

All I had was a syringe of a sedative to knock it out and you grumbled about me not having anything else,” Jack continued.

How on earth did I find it?” Ianto frowned.

You took a rift activity monitor from Torchwood London,” Jack explained. “when you escaped the battle. You also asked me what my aftershave was, because apparently you liked the smell.”

I have been wondering …” Ianto admitted, feeling himself beginning to flush a little at the admission.

As I told you then, I don't wear any, 51st century pheromones,” Jack replied. “don't need any aftershave.”

Oh … so how did we catch her?” Ianto asked, wanting to change the subject.

To cut a long story short while we bantered back and forth as to why you should have a job be split up and using dark chocolate that you provided as bait we managed to inject her with the syringe.” Jack explained. “well, I did while hanging onto one of her legs. I jumped … well fell and landed up you as she crashed to the ground nearby … I nearly kissed you but thought it might be too soon ...”

And then?” Ianto asked.

You said you had to go and as you walked off I said I'd see you in the morning,” Jack broke into a grin. “and I told you I liked the suit.”

I was wearing a suit? To hunt a dinosaur?” Ianto laughed.

You wanted to make a good impression,” Jack told him. “one of your suggestions was that you could be a butler!”

A butler?” Ianto laughed louder.

Or a guard dog,” Jack told him. “anyway, you got the job.”

And you and I … when did we …” Ianto trailed off.

Not straight away, just some flirting and then … well, it was just fun at first but it became more,” Jack admitted.

Before or after Lisa?” Ianto asked quietly.

Before,” Jack told him honestly.

Oh … oh Jack … that's why you were so angry in my dream?” Ianto asked.

We were still at the having fun stage, but yeah,” Jack replied. “it hurt that you had got the job on a lie and that you had snuck her into the hub endangering us and that made me so angry with you. But I forgave you, I understood why you did it, it's all in the past now, please don't let it upset you. We are here to try and remember good times.”

Ianto took a deep breath and nodded.. “Okay.”

So,” Jack asked, trying to lighten the mood. “are the pheromones doing their job yet?”

No!” Ianto replied a little too quickly. “So, tell me exactly what I did here?”

Sure,” Jack grinned, leading him over to the small kitchette area. “This is where you make the best coffee in the universe and keep us provided with biscuits.”

I did more than that though?” Ianto frowned.

Much, much more,” Jack grinned, resisting the strong urge to take the young man into his arms and kissing him senseless.